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This is so ridiculous it's almost sad

Well, if you thought the Taliban were wacked out for their extreme views, a tourist in Zambia is sentenced to 6 years in jail doing hard labor because he got caught having his dick sucked! Zambia is a Christian nation, and “unnatural” sex acts like oral sex is forbidden that people go to jail for it. (Note to self! Cancel vacation plans to Zambia and have my dick sucked in Kandehar Afghnistan instead!)

An intelligent person would know the laws and customs of any foreign country he plans to travell in.I have a relative who did 7 years in prison in Poland.His crime?He was in possesion of 2 marijuana joints.7 HARD years,working long hours in prison/factory.Use your heads if going abroad.

“An intelligent person would know the laws and customs of any foreign country” Hmmm … There is at least one State where it is illegal even between married people… anyone know which State? The intelligent ones would!

The judge of this trial told the tourist that he should have known the laws before entering the country. The ambassador from the country where the tourist is from is trying to help him get out of this situation, but there was nothing more said about it.

actually i believe consenting oral sex is illegal in 29 states or something. There are a lot of bullshit archaic laws out there, even in the US. the really intelegent traveller would know what the laws and how they are enforced.

If the suckee got 6 years, how much did the sucker get?

I would have let the Judge suck my dick and get another 6 years. Brahahahah. :slight_smile:

The sucker got nothing, surprisingly.

Wrong! The sucker got about six inches and moisterizing skin treatment! No wonder my wife is suddenly leaving “See Zambia! African Safari” brochures around the house!

Isn’t it illegal to have sex with a moose in Hawaii?

is it Texas Dale? i thought i heard something about that… if not then its probably Utah or some Mormon state.

I know in Tennessee and Alabama it is illegal to walk around with a boner. Crazy laws out there

You’re right about Tennessee. I was taking some pro-sex supplements and walking around with a flagpole. These two cops accosted me and told me to drop it. When I couldn’t, they hit it was a tazer. Tazer took me down with it and there I was on the ground with my ass in the air, propped up on my tentpole. They arrested me and cuffed my now inflamed member.

They hung a numbered tile on it, took pictures and took dick prints. The prints were utilized in an extensive search through the FBI’s penis files. Luckily it came back negative. I to this day still have a probation officer showup unannounced and I have to drop my pants and show her my member (and try not to get hard while doing it!)