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This is so messed up


WHat the FUCK? What is this? How did you find that?

So I vistited the site, and sent them an e-mail:
That site is sick…Why do you like to abuse animals? Does it make you feel good? Does abuseing the kittens make up for your lack of manhood or is the fact that you where uncle chesters “little helper” when you where a child just pop back into you mind? Did mommy and daddy not give you enough attention as a child? You make me sick. You need to seek some serious help. You and your followers are a bunch of sick minded individuals, and if I ever see any of you, you will be in a world of shit.

I hope you get help

Was I too harsh?

Yo, genius, it’s a joke. They use photoshop. :wink:

Notice the sarcasm all over the site. It was made to trick ARA’s with no sense of humor. :slight_smile:

i hope that shit aint real. if it is we should get a load of t-men to find these muther fuckers and put them in a fucking jar!

oh yeah, and after we get them in the jar we can get one of those feeding tubes and take turns shitting in it!