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This is sickening

Read this article http://www.zcportal.com/2002/1202/pianist.asp
It is disgusting how the german crowd reacted to this movie.

What’s more sickening is the rascist, anti-German drivel spewed by the nimrod who wrote the article. More left-wing, history revisionist crap. C-R-A-P.

The whole website (read previous articles) has one purpose to slag German. So The Eternal Nazi: Watching Roman Polanski’s The Pianist in Germany by William Grim is a little biased. By the way what a fine person Roman Polanski is!

Go to the forum of the website and you will find people joking about killing Germans. “What is your stance on just bombing the Germans” “Would make life easier” Disgusting?

A little back ground reading on your man William Grim http://williamegrim.tripod.com/

“William E. Grim is an American writer who lives in Munich, Germany” Hypocrisy?

I m not familiar with the website I am merly commenting on the article.Why is it bullshit?

Apollo you siad"More left-wing, history revisionist crap. C-R-A-P.“Can you please explain this point?This does not make any sense how is this article revising history?
Elliot said"The whole website (read previous articles) has one purpose to slag German.”
Ahhh ok elliot there are to articles abotu anti-sematism in germany that does not mean the whole point of the website is to slag germany.

"Go to the forum of the website and you will find people joking about killing Germans. “What is your stance on just bombing the Germans” “Would make life easier” Disgusting? " Elliot I agree with you that is disgusting it’s wrong for people to joke about killing people what does that have to do with the point of the article though?
The whole point of me posting the article is it’s disturbing when a crowd of middle class germans laughs at holocaust scenes in a movie.

Terminator I think you may have not taken into account that all the people in that theater did not represent all of Germany. It is disturbing how the Germans reacted to the scenes of the starving Jews being forced to dance harder with their cruthes, but I am sure that there are still some Americans who laugh at a scene in a movie depicting a black man being hanged or a Japanese man being beaten after word of Pearl Harbor got around.

I think it’s fairly obvious that this fellow is pushing some sort of agenda and that his observations regarding the behavior and response of the German audience should be taken with several grains of salt. I, for one, am not going to take his perceptions at face value.

I just went to this fellow’s website, after (unfortunately) posting my last response.

I think it’s fairly clear this fellow is a schmuck.

The article objects to some modern German (according to the William Grim) laughing at the holocaust Jews being abused in a movie by Roman Polanski. Yet on the forum of the website that hosts the article people are joking (I think they are joking) about the genocide of the modern Germans. Can you see the similarities? Also any audience of Roman Polanski (a man who was brought up on charges in the US of drugging and raping a little girl but fled to Europe before he faced court) is going to be a little off and their views probably do not reflect the wider community.

You have to ask yourself if William Grim is a rational and truthful observer of the world. By reading some of the articles on his website I do not think he is. Especially since he straight out lies about what people have said and done. For example www.brokennewz.com/worldnews/zion.asp he says that the German Justice Minister Herta Daeubler-Gmelin said ? I emphatically denied calling American President George W. Bush a “whore of Zion.” “I was completely quoted out of context,” said Frau Daeubler-Gmelin. “What I actually said was ‘George Bush is a filthy Jew-loving whore of Zion.’ There’s a big difference.” news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/ not_in_website/syndication/monitoring/ media_reports/2270593.stm here is what Herta Daeubler-Gmelin said. In light of William Grim?s lies I wonder if the German audience really did laugh?

Elliot you migth be right the article might be bullshit.The thing is I don’t know,I guess I would have to fly to germany and wacth the movie there a few times to see if people react that way in the movie theaters.All I can say is Happy new year and I HOPE TO GOD THAT THIS ARTICEL IS WRONG AND UNTRUE if its not untrue well I don’t know man thats just fucked up shit.God Bless

Hey Terminator, none of us were flaming you dude. On face value, that article does seem bad, but then the author shows his true colours.