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This is Seriously Important!





Don't tell Osama.


Stu I had already copied the link to PM you!



if you aren't too far from the city, you are going to be hyoog.


Oh,.. I'm sure there will be plenty of 'hyoog' people walking into the place -lol.



Hopefully Toaster Strudel will get the message.

Pop-Tarts are the toaster pastry of America.




outta curiousity Stu, are you still pop-tarting PWO?

Btw that Pop tart sushi looked disgusting.


lmao - agreed,... as much as I love my 'tarts, I can do without mashed up pastries wrapped in a fruit roll-up.

I'm not using the Poptarts PWO anymore (doing the FINiBARs Pre, ANACONDA peri, and the new Metabolic Drive about 30 mins after my training session - Grab a solid meal about an hour later, always P+F), but I still eat 'em with a protein shake throughout the day for a well balanced meal :smiley:



Great news Stu! This is almost as great as when I first visited Peanut Butter & Co in Greenwich Village.


Ha.. yeah I work literally next door.


To where? PB&CO? I would kill to work next door to that place.


LOL, man, I checked that place out way back when they first opened! Who honestly thought that they'd still be around? And that you can purchase their product line at other stores?! (Bought the chocolate PB at a Wholefoods store a few weeks back).



Pop-tarts make great ice cream sandwiches. I am partial to cookie dough ice cream spread between 2 brown sugar and cinnamon pop-tarts, then throw it back in the freezer for as long as you can stand waiting.


No... next door to the pop tart store.


OK, I'm seriously tempted to try my hand at poptart sushi right now.


Hell yeah man. Last time I was in Manhattan I went to PB&Co and picked up one of each of their flavors. Plus some of the nuts. I spent like $50 in there, haha.


Bah! After switching to natty PB a couple years ago, regular PB tastes pretty awful to me now


I can sort of relate to that. You get used to the robust flavor of natty PB and the regular tastes too sugary and watered down.

However, the PB&Co natural chunky is amazing.


nuff said