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This is Serious! A Must Watch!




The world will never be the same!

English and french accents will become extinct, who knows what else will

forget having an authentic vacation in london or anywheres in a few years


LOL @ Muslim terror in SAMA


feel free to post your opinions whether it be good or bad


I think this thread needs to be bumped over to "Get a life". Besides all the sex that the muslims are obviously having it's a little off topic for this forum.


LOL @ christian propoganda.

Poor execution of a Pauline style appeal to convert.


This was already posted in the GAL


SmartPixie86, never change.


I've been through too much to change


but this all just boils down to sex
seemed to me to be appropriate


Wow, I'm not one for paranoia, however I'm all about breeding the Muslims out of the world! :wink: I only say no sex with fat girls hahaha I might make an exception for a bunch of fat nakid girls. Hold on . . . . I take that last statement back :stuck_out_tongue:



IN EUROPE! ! ! !
EURO TRIP! ! ! ! !


mmm. I live in a Muslim country, and they have lots of kids. Vans are the popular mode of transport. Also each family basically has a car for each kid.

Yet almost all industry is owned by the Chinese, and multi corporations. Only reason why there are rich Muslims here is because its stated by law that you need a local to sign as a partner of the company.

Anyway, im not too worried bout this. why? not too sure. just that i'll prolly be dead by the time i walk down the street at noon and find it to be a ghost town.



That's almost as scaary as this video here



Whether you believe this demographic shift is good, bad, or ugly, you cannot actually be denying that it's happening, can you?


Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy? Caught in a landslide, no escape from reality, open your eyes, look up to the skies and see...


easy come easy go


I'm just a poor boy..

That aside I think their statistics are a bit off. One example they say that the fertility rate in Spain is 1.1 but its actually 1.39.

Part of it would be that most recent immigrants (as in 1st generation) have loads of kids but then as they settle subsequent generations will have less children. If Muslims really are going to have that many children for all future generations then overpopulation will the main issue not Islamic domination.


Also they said the fertility rate in USA is 1.6 though it's 2.05

Check out: https://www.cia.gov/library/publications/the-world-factbook/rankorder/2127rank.html

I don't know where they are getting those fertility figures.


They are doing white christian fertility figures versus total. In Spain, Christian Spanish are 1.1 and the total with immigrants is 1.3.

Also, Turks have been in Germany for 60 years and they still remain fertile and highly procreative.


Ah my bad.