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This Is My Workout - Rate It


I know that beginners shouldn't design their own workouts I couldn't resist,so here it is :

It's a rotating workout : upper1, legs, upper2, legs, upper1, legs, upper2, legs, upper1....

upper 1:
Shoulder press
bicep curls
lateral delts
bench press
rear delts

legs :
leg curls
leg extension

front raises
lateral delts
rear delts

I just started it last month,I like it a lot.
Comments !!


basically know back or chest work, isolation exercises are being done before compounds on upper body days and honestly I would never use this workout. Your doing so much shoulder work while neglecting chest, back, and all your other upper body muscles. Your doing 5 exercies for upper body and 3 of them are isolation shoulder moves beside in w/o 1 when you do shoulder press. This workout sucks.


Why is it exactly why you don't simply take one out of the dozens upon dozens of programs designed by professionals on this (and other sites) for free ?


Horazio, I remember a while ago you posted your diet and there were several problem with that as well. Could you post your current diet here?


I know why all the shoulder work. Another thread he posted how his curls went up (very little) over a year. His shoulders did not go up at all over the year. OP, I don't think this (your program) is the right direction. Compound lifts could not be more emphasized for you.


Why do you like it a lot? You posted that you haven't progressed at all with your shoulders for an extended period and I'm willing to venture a guess that you haven't put on significant size either.

I'm not trying to be a dick but you've been on this site a little while and haven't seemed to have learned anything yet.


Guys,I'm all ears,I'm here to learn so go ahead.
As you can see I'm focusing on shoulders because I have narrow shoulders.That's why.

What are the major problems of my workout?
Not enough compunds ? Help me modify this workout


austin_bicep mentioned the order of exercises. While you can do isolation exercises before compound exercises, this is meant for pre-fatigue, which you won't need (plus, you don't have the right compound movement afterwards)

Then there is the question what kind of exercise "lateral delts" is - that is a muscle group. Let's just consider it an isolation movement and don't talk about it no more.

We could try to fix your program, but Petrichor mentioned just trying one of the already available ones. I agree with him.

If you want to put emphasis on your shoulders, I also recommend the article "100 reps for lagging bodyparts" (which I cannot link currently, because... well, let's face it, the whole system, both forum and page are fubar), a training approach you might add to a simple 3 day per week workout.

Edit: There it is: http://www.T-Nation.com/readArticle.do?id=459605


Monday Push
Incline Bench Press working up to 2 sets of 6-10 reps(ALWAYS trying to add more weight or reps to what you did last time)
Incline Dumbbell Press 2x10-15
Seated Overhead Press 2x6-10
Lateral Raise 2x10-15
Close Grip Press 2x6-10

Wednesday Pull
Barbell Curls 2x10-15
Pullups or Chinups 2x6-10
Barbell or Dumbbell Row 2x6-10
Rack Dead lift 2x5-8

Friday Legs/Abs
Standing Calf Raises 2x10-15
Leg Curls 2x6-10
Sumo Leg Press 2x10-15
Back Squat 1x6-10 1x15-20
Lunge 2x10-15
Your favorite weighted ab movement 2x15-30

There is a range for each lift. If you bench say 100 kg for 9 reps then you are in the 6-10 range, bump up the weight next time you come around. If you try 105 kg and only get 5 well that's out of the range, stay with that and bump the reps up next time.

Continually work on adding weight to the key exercises and you will grow as long as your diet allows it. I believe you said you were overhead pressing 12.5 kg dumbbells? Well when you can OH press 40 kg dumbbells your shoulders will be a bit larger yeah? Then get to it and make those weights your bitch.

Nothing fancy, just meat and potatoes training. The key would be you man, the aggression and fire you bring to the gym to beat your best numbers every chance you can, the eating at home to gain size(all day affair) it's all up to you and what you are willing to do.

If some of you wonder why I have biceps before back or the legs in that order... I don't know about some of you but if I just sold my soul and grinded out the last rep of a dead lift after pulldowns and rows I'm not quite amped up to go train my biceps, the other way around works for me. Same thing with legs, squats leave me devestated and there is no way I could put any sort of effort into hamstrings or calves afterwards. Heavy DC influence in me, but that's what I've also come to agree with on my own.


Biceps before back works better for me as well due to the fact that my back workouts are very strenuous and i am burnt out afterwards


I'm with Cool Scott here. You have almost no pulling exercises to balance all the pushing. That's just asking for muscular imbalances which lead to injury and limited growth potential.

If you want to do your own workouts on the odd day, fine. But for now, I suggest you take one of the programs here and give it a go for a month or so. Remember that you have to rotate your routines to keep the stimulus changing anyway. By the time you have a few of these proven routines under your belt you'll be in a far better place to use your own "intuitive" training methods.


I agree with everyone saying go with a premade routine from this website. I would go so far as to recommend that you follow it to a T since you're a beginner. This will give you a good idea of what exercises you are good at, what body parts respond well to whatever the program calls for. At this point I don't think you should be tinkering with the programs at all.

I'm not going to recommend a program for you because you haven't stated your goals. Strength? Size? They aren't mutually exclusive (especially starting out) but different methodologies lend themselves moreso to one or the other for the most part.

Also, if you want to know (in depth) what is wrong with your program I think you should read this two part article:



Read those two articles and you'll get a good idea of what type of program is a "good" one. You should save the pages in your bookmarks so that you can revisit them when you get some experience and feel like creating your own program.

Also, not to call Tierlieb out, but after looking at your profile I see that you are 57kg (125ish lbs) so I don't think you need to be worrying about the 100 reps a day thing because I think your problem is an overall lack of adequate training and, likely, nutrition.


Great post Scott.

Horazio, I'd second the suggestion that you follow the above mentioned program instead of the one that you're currently following.


Shame on me... no more designing my own workouts....
I need a 3 days split (since I don't have much time) now I'll take a look at the links you posted. Thanks again




Why does no one ever bloody say what there trying to acheive.