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This is Jon Andersen. Retired Pro Strongman, Retired Pro Wrestler, Currently an IFBB Pro Bodybuilder. Ask Me Anything

Any questions far away my brothers

Japan is where I experience most of this exotic type food experience


Brother that is a great questionā€¦ I created my new version of deepwater thrive to solve that problemā€¦ The training is brutalā€¦ If we donā€™t have the body optimized it will not be able to train at that level for very longā€¦ Deep part of thrive is all about taking a diet to the next level based upon the individual persons bodyā€˜s response

So unfortunately I cannot give you a straightforward answer on your question my brother

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I understand man, you have to make a living haha

Iā€™ll be sure to check out the thrive stuff

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Hey Jon what about Deep Water Badass. Could you give me a brief description on that?

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The book Text most people much further than they thought they could go my brother so keep on Truckinā€¦ Keep kicking ass

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Deepwater bad ass is basically the first generation/name I had created for what is now deep water thriveā€¦ Deep water thrive is the king of the mountain because it is based purely off the reaction of the person I am coaching

To be totally honest brother itā€™s really not because I have to make a living itā€™s because the program is so specific to the person itā€™s impossible to answer that questionā€¦ It customize itself around the person completely unique to the individualā€¦ Never the same for two people

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What country is the best to wrestle in?

Do you have any cool stories of wild times with crazy pro wrestlers?

Did you come across many legit Strong Dudes in wrestling?

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Breaking your feelings into smaller sizes more frequent will definitely be helpful brother

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No question Wrestling was a crazy Fun time. In my lifeā€¦ Walking out in front of 50,000 people in the Tokyo Dome is an experience I would have a hard time describing in wordsā€¦ Some of the crazy things you seeā€¦ Hereā€¦ Watch happenā€¦ And even partake in looking back now blow my mindā€¦ How the fuck did I live through all of thatā€¦ Lol

I had to press East 380 pound 6 foot nine giant over my head in a Tokyo donā€™t matchā€¦ Live televisionā€¦ Needless to say I was scared as hellā€¦ Lol

Between the recreational drugs are and the painkillers the doctors are always happy to prescribeā€¦ Itā€™s not at all surprising how many wrestlers blow their career because they do not have any discipline

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Have you ever had a low back injury bad enough to stop you from doing squats and deadlifts?

If so, what exercises did you do while you were recovering in order to retain strength/size?

Fire away my brothers

Whatā€™s up brotherā€¦ Here is one of the new philosophies I work with in deep water thrive in terms of food choices

Essential fats such as avocadoā€¦ Olive oilā€¦ Avocado oilā€¦ Almondsā€¦ Almond butterā€¦ I want you to start to understand which of these fat sources digest the best for you

In terms of your meat/protein source do the same thingā€¦ Keep in mind the more organic it is the better digestion you will have

Deep water thrive the newest version is all focused on a persons digestion


Great fucking question my brotherā€¦ I have had multiple ruptured and bulge discs over the course of my careerā€¦ I competed in my strong Man career on an international basis with two ruptured discsā€¦ Very painful to say the least

I ended up having a back surgeryā€¦ However I will tell you that doing hyper extensions at least every other day three or four sets of 50 will keep your back from having any problems in the futureā€¦ This is what allows me still to continue to squat and dead lift even with damaged discs

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No questions or anything. Just wanted to stop by and say youā€™re the fā€™in man dude.

On the back and chest days in your Deep Water ebook, the progression model seems a little different from the other 2 days in the beginner program, from my perspective. Are we focused on just lowering rest on these 2 days or should we try to add weight as well as these days donā€™t feature the 10x10?

I truly appreciate your kind words my brotherā€¦ That means a lot

Great question brotherā€¦ Your rest. Should always be what I call your sweet spotā€¦ You get enough rest you can bring the same intensity back to the next setā€¦ If you go to quick you are Not readyā€¦ If you wait too long youā€™re wasting timeā€¦ When youā€™re in your sweet spot rest period you maximize every set with weight safely


Iā€™ll definitely try to do that, itā€™s tough with work but something I can work on getting better at, thanks.

What are your best deepwater sets? The ones you just went hard as fuck on? Like best squat for reps, DL for reps, power clean for reps etc?