This is Jon Andersen. Retired Pro Strongman, Retired Pro Wrestler, Currently an IFBB Pro Bodybuilder. Ask Me Anything

What’s up brother… Depends if you’re talking about using my deepwater e-book/manual… Or hiring me as a coach… Please be a little bit more specific with your question my brother

Great question brother… Only because I was doing exercise that I could control the damage I chose to continue… If I was doing a chest exercise and I had strained my chest the workout would have been over as soon as the strain had been put into place

Only because I was overhead pressing I was able to work through it and control/maintain the fact that there will be no more damage

Remember we want to push ourselves… Kick ass… Take names… But we want to be able to train again tomorrow… Lol


Thank you so much for the response!

What’s up my brother I’m so glad you were inspired… Even more happy that the book/manual has helped you down your pathway…

My new generation deepwater thrive is a protocol that is much more maneuverable and is purely based on a person and the person’s reactions… So the newest generation of deepwater is an over the top supercharged version of the book

So to answer your question yes there is a bigger more powerful new dimension of deepwater …

Deepwater thrive

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What’s up my brother… It makes me so happy to hear you’re having great success with deepwater even during the pandemic… You fucking rock my brother

My worst injury was in Strongman wrestling… I was in Kiev Ukraine… It’s basically a circle that is 20 feet in circumference… Who can throw who out without pulling hair biting or grabbing the other person by the nuts

It was in deep sand… When I twisted my hips to throw this big Polish dude… My foot didn’t spin but the rest of the dead and I completely destroyed my knee… ACL …MCL ….meniscus… and a terrible strain on my PCL …It’s called a terrible triad… It fucking sucked

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Keep the questions coming brother I’m happy to answer… I’m stoked that all of you are having a great success with my book… That’s what it’s for

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On the conditioning day from the Deep Water ebook, I’ve been doing a medium Intensity on stair master for 20 minutes. Is this suitable in your eyes or might you have a better suggestion?

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I almost forgot to thank you for all of the kind things you said brother I appreciate you very much… Keep kicking ass out there my brother… Any more questions I’m here

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What’s up brother … makes me happy to hear you’re having a great success with my program

My favorite is ribeye steak/tomahawk steaks… And asparagus… and a salad with avocado …This is got to be one of my favorite meals of all time

I don’t really eat off plan because it makes me feel the way I don’t like to feel almost as If I had been drinking the day before… My body likes to be fueled four performance… And I like the way I feel what I feel myself for performance so I don’t really eat a plan much… Once you eat unplanned enough your body will start to reject things that are off your plan


Sorry for the typo what I was saying is when you eat off your plan your body will tell you not to do it again… That’s what I’m getting at

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Thank you for the answer Jon.

Do you have a favorite movie?

Have you ever watched anime? Are you familiar with Dragon Ball Z?

Do you have a favorite superhero?

Have you ever ran any other program such as 5/3/1?

What is the most exotic animal you’ve eaten?

Absolutely Jon. You’re a name in my household. My wife is all too familiar with your method because I won’t shut up about it, haha. She’ll also know when I’m running the program again because of how “locked in” I am during that time.

What are your top Deep Water fat sources? I see you eat a lot of avocado, which I’m a fan of. What are some of your other staples?

Is there any animal flesh you avoid? I’ve got the Deep Water approved food list, but I’m curious if certain animals/cuts of animal are “do not touch”.

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What’s your brother the biggest thing that I would want to emphasize when it comes to some sort of exercise is that you enjoy what you’re doing… When people do a bunch of shit they don’t wanna do it wears them out in it chips away at the love for the whole process

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Oh my God great question… Raw horse… Raw beef… Raw chicken… Raw alligator… Raw monkey… More types of brain and I can remember… That’s just a down payment… Lol

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I have never run any other program other than what I have created my brother… I may have followd a high school program when I was playing football… After that it’s been purely my own development

My favorite cartoon character hands-down was Popeye… I still eat lots of spinach… Lol


I had no idea I could respect you any more than I already did…

I personally LOVE eating raw meat

I had horse carpaccio once at a fancy Japanese place. It was amazing.

In terms of movies… I don’t like science fiction… I am a sucker for a true story about someone who achieved greatness… Especially if it is narrated


Adapting the book, can’t really afford a coach regrettably.

Thanks for the response man!!

Damn, I eat your favorite meal all the time haha.

I agree about the carbs!

Any advice on what to do when recovery isn’t up to par with the work being done on the program? I’m finding it difficult to get in enough food to keep up with the lifting. I only have a week left so I’m going to push through and finish, but what would your thought process be if you’re feeling under recovered at, say, week 3?