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This is it!

 As of this Monday I will be officially sworn into the Marine Corps.

 Because the earliest date they can send me to boot camp at this point is January as Intelligence specialist (November if I go as an Aircraft Mechanic), I will be Marine reserve until I turn into active duty following boot camp.

 As an intel specialist I will be interrogating individuals, gathering intelligence, intercpting communications, analyzing documents, geographical and geological data, and going undercover as a reporter, tourist or resident to certain parts of the world to gather intelligence on the enemy. According to what I heard, the intel specialist goes in as a repoter or tourist, takes pictures of enemy locations of military, artillery, armor, and other targets in a specific town, and hands the data to the snipers and forward observers - the snipers than go and snipe key military men in the area, and the forward observer goe in and types in the coordinates for artillery strikes and tomahawk strikes by the Navy. Ill grow my hair and a beard so as to look as everything BUT a Marine. If youve watched the series on TV on Afghanistan special operations troops, youve seen Marines with beards and long hair - pretty much looking like bums in camouflage - who went around, mixed in with the locals, and gathered intelligence on where taliban artillery was and got rid of it. Pretty cool and a lil dangerous - you just cant let em find out who you are or you're dead.

 So, pretty much I'll be a Marine Spy when undercover.

If they let you choose your language school, choose DLI in monterey, it is a hell of a lot nicer than the Texas option (ft. hood, i believe). I’ve talked to a lot of soldiers who have been to both and said this, plus monterey is a resort area anyway. I’m originally from monterey, that’s how I know all this. Also, you’re guarunteed to get laid at DLI- it has a bunch of nicknames, my favorite being the “desperate love institute”. I’ve been told by students there that it has the highest rate of unwed pregnancies of any mil base, among other distinctions. Ah, all the stories are coming back…

CONGRATS my man! I know you will do us proud. It sounds like pretty exciting stuff. Give em’ hell. Tony G

Best of luck to you Pvt. Diesel.

Air Craft Mechanic or Intelligence specialist? Seems to be at opposite ends of the spectrum no? You must have prior experience in mechanics? Regardless it’s pretty interesting. Good luck and God Bless. Especially if your a spy. Don’t tell the Taliban how to pump iron eh? Ciao. :slight_smile:


 Arcane I will not do you wrong by tipping the Taliban on how to properly diet, train and cycle! LOL.

 Thanx for the replies!!! I'm REAL excited about the Marines - I will most likely go in as an Intel specialist, rather than being an aircraft mechanic - even though I LOVE those birds, and would love to earn my wings some day. Maybe Ill do one or two tours in intel and move up to counter-intel, and then lateral move to crew chief in the wing and have fun being the door gunner.

 I have 28 pages to fill out just for my background investigation, and this Monday, at 6AM I will raise my hand, take my Oath and commit to the Marines for 8 years - 4 active, 4 reserve - and sign my contract in the intel field. That was the LAST spot for intel for the rest of this fiscal year which ends october, and the next year, so I lucked out!

Thats GREAT Diesel!!! Congrats! You did it… I bet your parents are proud. I hope you are too. No matter our differences in political opinions, I highly respect the determination and drive that it took for you to get in, and I wish you the best of luck. I feel safer already knowing that you are going to be on the frontlines.

Talk to other guys to find out what career path you need to take to do what you want. I know some people that went into intelligence services and got stuck sitting around reading all the time, that was their job.

So… you may find to do counter-intel you may have to do a few things first, for instance, (ok at this point I’m guessing) maybe you’d have to get into Recon. There is another team in the Marines, the acronym starts with “M” (I forgot the name), but it is all CQB and focuses on counter terrorism.

Congrats. Wish I was young again I would have done everything different.

Semper Fidelis!!

Captain Rose

? why are you guys Congratulating Diesel? He hasn’t made it through boot camp yet. He’s not a MARINE yet. I would wish him luck in boot camp though. Because, he’s in for a ride of a lifetime…

Best of luck in Boot Camp Diesel.

In Health,

Silas C.

Don’t worry Diesel the hydrogen fluoride lasers I have mounted on my nutsack will take out those taliban bastards. Zap Zap Zap!!! :slight_smile:

God Bless and good luck!

Good Luck!

Best of Luck!

Semper Fi, buddy. Keep in touch with your recruiter so you can track him down and kick his ass when you find out he was full of shit when he told you what you’d be doing in intel. Keep your head up during bootcamp, but remember the real work starts afterwards. Let us all know when you graduate as a Marine.
Oh, and fitone…
shut the fuck up. It was his choice to do this that people are congratulating. Go ahead, now, post a new reply saying you were just joking… it’s getting old.