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This Is How Obama Won




Can't watch in my area, recap?


The clip was funny enough, but how does that have anything to do with Obama?!

Enlighten me man, please.


If you can't see it, you crazy


Thanks , I thought this board had more brain power


Teleprompter Jesus won because he had eloquent writers and he can speak to the public far better than the previous President. Thus turning him into a 'popular vote' and many people were duped because they believed him to be a good guy. At least that is my take.

Now maybe you have to be stoned like Michael Phelps to find that clip hilarious him being in the clip, that I can see. Yet I still recommend you lay off the wacky tobacco. Plus if you think the writers of SNL wrote a joke into the show about Bam bam and you then think there are no consequences from NBC, you are reaching quite far IMHO. Now this is just my opinion, so you can think whatever you like.