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This is how Badass Chia Seeds are...


So I received the 3 lb bag of Chia Seeds I ordered today, and while I like to think I'm a pretty bright guy when it comes to nutrition, I can only scratch my head in bewilderment at the following figures:

Serv Size: 2 Tablespoons
Cals: 66
Total Fat: 6.5g
Total Carbs: 7.5g
Dietary Fiber: 8.25g <---- Wait, the fiber content is more than the total carbs!?
Sugar: 0g
Protein: 4g
Omega 3 (Alpha-Linelenic Acid): 4160 mg
Omega 6 (Linoleic Acid): 1370 mg (Optimal 3:1 ration <-I don't know what this is based on)

Seriously though, tomorrow morning I'll start sprinkling a couple of Tbsp into my morning oatmeal and then just sit back and wait for the magic to happen :slightly_smiling:



That's how they help those ultra marathoners run so far.


I'm thinking that "Total Carbs" is actually "Net Carbs" and it's not the first time I've seen it listed this way. I think that's how they're listed overseas. Is this a domestic product?


I need to get me some of those chia seeds!


studies done on past cultures (way back) show they consumed about a 2:1 ratio


But, I believe that was omega6:3


Bro, they're cheap as hell, and everything I read on them is just positive after positive. If indeed all of the carbs are fiber, plus you're getting a decent amount of added protein and more Omega fats,... it's like a free food! -lol



Just bought some, thanks for lookin out


Spinkeld 2 Tbsp into my oats this morning, and while they're a lot smaller than flax seeds (scattered all over my countertop!), they actually added a nice, albeit subtle flavor. Definitely going to be interesting trying to bake this into cookies or muffins (possibly slow the breakdown of carbs into sugars due to the mucilages - gel forming soluble fiber - present).

I'm also very curious as to the chia seeds' hydrophilic properties. Supposedly they can absorb more than 12 times their weight in fluids, and as part of the Anaconda Protocol recomends making use of ample water ingestion (citruline mallate added to facilitate the anabolic response of increased water within the msucle cells), I wonder if this is something that can contribute in some positive manner to body recomp.



They may be cheap as hell now, but i'm sure that won't last. The more people (like all fo us) who find out about them and order them, companies will realize they can charge more for them.

On that note; mind sharing where you got them? Been looking for so some cheap fod additives for my diet.


I got a 5 lb bag from Amazon for $22

was paying $16/lb at a local store


So Amazon it is. Any idea if they are the smae quality as you would find in the store or is thie something that wouldn't matter as much?


and I think they've been around for awhile, so hopefully shouldn't have to worry about price increases


So, would chia seeds be a good thing to take before Anaconda, say -30 min, if one is having trouble digesting/absorbing all the water? I understand it might slow uptake of all the Anaconda "goodness" but erupting like Vesuvius an hour after the workout is probably less effective as well.


I would think the Chia Seeds would actually SLOW the absorption of the ANACIONDA INgredients, sort of how some people don't take their fish oils just before or after training, because they fear it will slow everything down.

A lot of dieters will actually use the seeds and water (10:1 ratio I believe) to create a 'gel' that acts as a filler, and will supposedly absorb the taste of whatever you mix it with. It actually reminds me a lot of those glucomanon noodles people were going on about a couple of years back (tried 'em myself,... horrible, rather stick to veggies!)



I guess I am wondering how slow or it these could be eaten X time before hand so the unabsorbed water (and nutrients) gets held in the system longer. I suppose an experiment would be in order to answer that question.


Surely if all the carbs are fiber and are so hydrophilic, they are gonna pull water into the gut. Fibrous carbs are not gonna be pulled into muscle, nor any water they might attract.



Are you saying this is a way of capturing the water not absorbed from the Anaconda mixture or that I am thinking about this the wrong way (which is quite possible)?



With all due respect, the way that liquids and solids gather in the intestines before they are absorbed, I don't think that they are "layered" so, for instance, the anaconda fluid would be "sitting" on top of a layer of chia seeds, waiting for it's turn to be digested. It's liquid mixed with the chia - yes, it get somewhat gel in the presence of fluid - and the intestines will still suck up the nutrients in the fluid.

If the argument is: "Well, how do you explain the guys that are so huge?" then I'd counter that I highly doubt for someone with such high training volume and food intake would have progress slowed by a few grams of fish oil before/after training or even fiber with their pre- or PWO shake.

I mean, people eat solid food before training and have gotten huge, right? There is usually some fiber in that meal, plus the meal itself needs to be digested before its nutrients can be absorbed. The anaconda does not really require mechanical break down to be absorbed.


Johnny Bowden did not think that much of chia seeds, at least not as a "superior" source of omega3 versus flax (not pre-milled, but the kind you have to grind).

Check out his Question of Nutrition Vol. 4, page 2.

It was actually a question I asked in the article discussion thread for the previous volume of the series, but I'm pretty sure I did not say that chia was touted to be "better than fish oil."


Short answer: in the amounts that most people consume chia/flax, the benefits of either can't be too significant, but flax has the added benefit of containing lignans.