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This is hilarious


In the same light, I thought I would post an ebay that I’ve come across. This with the link posted above may very well be the funniest ebay auctions I’ve ever seen.


Holy shit thanks! You made my day!

That is the funniest shit I have read in along time!

Damn that’s funny.

Those are both hilarious, made my day.


332,000 dollars now!!! Oh my GOD!

WTF??? $855,900 who the shit is bidding that? There is no way they will actually pay that. Is this a scam?

What the hell is going on with this thing? It’s at 10 million one minute and 24,000 the next.

Those are both great

Thanks, really needed that laugh.

The dress has over 2.2 MILLION hits!!!

I think it has really snowballed, I sent it to my friend in Alaska and she passed it around her whole office, then she emailed me today and said that it was on the local news last night. When I first read it yesterday, it had about 37,000 hits and was at $347.00, now it has over 2 million and is up to $25,000. Well, he should be able to buy plenty of tickets and beer with that. Maybe get his truck fixed too.