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This Is Gonna Hurt

this should be really cool! I’ve been working out with a kid that wants help with size and power I figure no poblem I can help with that. A buddy of mine just had a HEART ATTACK!!! he’s 35yrs old, he asked me to help him with cardio and toning he can only go thurs thru Sat. evenings the kid can only go mon. thru wed. afternoons, so it looks like i’m going to workout more than usual. power and smaller # of reps on 3 days and light and large # of reps on 3 others.

I just went through 2 surgerys this year on my guts so i’ve been slacking on my gym time so this is going to be a kick in the ass, and a chance to start kicking ass agian!

Am I going to be over training, probably but with all the change ups I plan on doing this should be fun, I’m actualy excited about doing this, Can my body hold up? will I be A monster agian after a while, hope so.

just remember get strong, stay strong!

Take great care to vary your workouts, then, and occassionally do some things which are just plain fun.

Otherwise, you’ll overtrain yourself into a quick injury, or worse.

Good luck, though! And keep us posted.