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This Is Fun: Just Ate an Entire Pizza

I ate an entire lil cesar pizza today. It was about 3 and a half hours ago and i havent stopped farting since. Just thought that everyone would like to know :slight_smile:

Feels great for a bit don’t it?
Then not so much.

i sriously envy you, too bad for the farts problem.

LOL. I ate a medium pizza once. Long time ago though, and I fart more now. You know, protein farts and all.

[quote]tuchavito wrote:
i sriously envy you, too bad for the farts problem.[/quote]

I love the farts :slight_smile:

I stopped farting after the third dump i had to take. Bench rep PR and farts, today was a good day.

Good post. Farting is awesome.

Never trust a fart.

[quote]Reef wrote:
Never trust a fart.[/quote]

Only an inexperienced farter would say that

[quote]Reef wrote:
Never trust a fart.[/quote]

Never waste an erection.

Badass dude. I wish I had a pizza right now :frowning:

[quote]stockzy wrote:
Reef wrote:
Never trust a fart.

Never waste an erection.


Fart + Erection > Plain ol’ Fart

I had two medium pizzas from a restaurant by my job the other day. Was AWESOME. Then another the next day…then just got my diet back on track two days ago…

Congratulations? Eating pizzas and farts are a mainstay in my life.

Will make thread, “This is fun: Just Took an Entire Shower.”

Great thread… I’ve got tears in my eyes here :smiley:

I hope you went out in public to share your enjoyment with others. My wife brings home a pail of fried chicken and some of these potato things. I had a few pieces of each and a beer to wash it down. Then she drags me to Target and Lowes.

I absolutely crop dusted the frozen food aisle at Target, startled some woman outside in the parking lot with a 50 megaton air blast. Didn’t see her coming around an SUV. Lowes, the lighting aisle was impassable after I got done with it. I doubled back and approached from the other end to see people’s reaction. All these people making faces. I just said, “something did in here?”, and “he who smelt it dealt it”. Even the wife laughed at that one.

I had a couple for the car ride home and locked out the power windows so they couldn’t be opened.


I just ate half my omelet. Took a dump. Ate other half.

[quote]beachguy498 wrote:
I hope you went out in public to share your enjoyment with others.


I kept farting when i went to the grocery to buy milk and i slept through alot of my orthodontist appointment bec of food coma.

I was still farting 6hrs after i ate the pizza but most of it stopped after my third dump. My body weight was still pretty much the same. Guess i still needed more food.

Yep, can’t trust them