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Check the reply above this - but keep in mind your results will always vary. So if you find its helpful for you to eat something before bed, go for it. Particularly if it’s something that seems to be quite easy to digest and low on the volume scale

If your wrists are ‘tight’ chances are the connective structures haven’t been exposed to much resistance to cause them to adapt to become more pliable. You’d do the same thing you’d do for any other muscle in this context - start training the muscles around the area. Look up my forearm video on YouTube for exercises that I’d start with.

The no stretching method of flexiblity/mobilty is really quite simple - train every single muscle and joint through it’s largest range as possible and make sure you’re looking three-dimensionally, not just two-dimensionally. For example, the ankles aren’t just about dorsiflexion and plantar flexion. Inversion/Eversion need to be addressed too.

Take a look at my program Prep on Ganbaru as well, it heavily features many exercises and positions that help to ‘iron out’ all of the areas that people often overlook.

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