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Trap bar deadlift covers a lot of bases for me in a minimalist workout setup.
Plus its easy to take a little weight off and hit a few sets of RDL at end.

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Hey! Appreciate the question.

My roots are in sports performance and I was fortunate to work with some quality USAW certified coaches at a young age.

In terms of longer texts, Science and Practice of Strength Training by Zatsiorksy was incredibly influential for me, as was the work of Tudor Bompa.

I worked under two great strength coaches early in my career: Steve Hess, who was the strength and conditioning coach of the Denver Nuggets for nearly 20 years and later, Loren Landow who’s the current strength coach of the Denver Broncos. Seeing those two work day in, day out was huge.

As far as writers, I grew up on TMAG. I fell in love with the work of Dave Tate and Jim Wendler for their simple, no-bullshit attitude towards building strength.

John Berardi was my go to for nutrition.

I gravitated towards the writing styles of Nate Green and John Romaniello, though neither are involved in the industry anymore.

I love the performance-physique emphasis by guys like the late Charles Poliquin (his biceps were no fucking joke) and Christian Thibaudeau.

As far as resources, The Black Book of Training Secrets by CT is great. Science and Practice of Strength Training is a must own. Brad Schoenfeld’s book, The Science and Development of Muscular Hypertrophy is a good one to own.

Hopefully that gives you a good starting point.


Are you inside my head?

I just finished trap bar deadlifts in my garage.


Great answer!

Thanks for the book recommendations right before Christmas.

I like your sports inspired, “Looks follow Performance” style. When working with guys without an athletic background, or dudes who are just “gym-rats” are there any commonly held misbeliefs or wide spread dumb advice that you think guys should unlearn? Or do you see a lot of people “messing” up in the same, predictable way?