This is Awesome

someone sent me this, its perfect.

Sadly, they are probably going to make some bank off that. I kinda wish I had though of the idea.

haha when you see it you think ‘why didn’t someone think of that sooner’

This is gonna be just like crossfit.

[quote]Altair wrote:
haha when you see it you think ‘why didn’t someone think of that sooner’[/quote]

Yea this is a serious “FUCK!” moment…
I totally could have made this shit (subsequent to me selling my soul)

Well it’s probably going to be tough and they’re probably going to encourage a hardcore attitude. So the dudes that do it will probably get fit. And they’ll be stronger, have better endurance and generally fell better. Then they’ll pick an unnecessary fight with and unnecessarily big person and spend the rest of their days in a wheelchair.

this is just another typical popular fitness method. People will do it for a short time and then they won’t do do it because of the WORK involved.

Do you think Hughes or even Penn never work HARD? They push their limits every day at the gym. That’s why they are at the top. Glad to see Hugh’s getting in on the money. I could have seen a guy no one likes getting in on the action. I personally like Hughes, so it’s cool in my book ; )

i feel the same way about huges too…i found a place about 60 miles from where i live and may check it out
but wont be able to do it cuz of no money:( looks like a lot of fun!

Matt Hughes is a douche and would not buy anything that asshole has to sell.