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This is an Impressive Physique


I can't wait to get my pair of rings and start busting ass on them...


Yeah, but he has shitty quad sweep.

I am also getting a pair of rings though.


That's pretty sick, but you aren't going to get the same physique from training on rings.


he's also a midget


Once again Youtube comments are a great source of entertainment.

I would like his upper body with bigger traps.


Just more fuel to my "I need some rings fire." Now only if I can signifigantly improve my pullups and relative body strength before then.....


I don't see the value in training with rings. There is nothing you can do physique wise with rings that you can't do with a pullup bar and a dip station. The hype over ring training is nothing more than a result of admiration for the physiques of gymnasts, physiques which unfortunately have a genetic prerequisite. If you just want to play around with rings for the sheer hell of doing it that's one thing, but you aren't going to get bigger or stronger as a result.


I agree...The cirque de soleil guys have great physiques too, but there are better ways to attain them then doing that crap for a decade.


Well it's really because I want to be able to lift my body weight in those odd-ass ways. Lots of big, strong ass dudes can't do that. Nothing against them, at all, in any way, but that shit looks fun.


Great physique. I think gymnasts have the perfect human body, jacked AND functional.


I disagree.

Chad Waterbury wrote an article a while back talking about the benefits of hitting muscles from different angles. Hypertrophy was one of them.

As for doing new movements, just this past weekend I got the chance to do rope climbing at my friends university gym, and the next few days had my lats burning like a motherfucker. Because it was a new movement that my muscles werent used to.


And I agree with analog kid... His physique with bigger traps and a little more size on his legs would be my ideal physique.


good point about the traps I want mine to touch my fucking ears lol

belligerent- you might want to google gymnastics strength


Most gymnasts are actually really tiny (height, waist) dudes, which is something to consider when measuring up their physiques. Not to say they don't look well built, but for most of us it will take considerably more time+mass to achieve the same look.


The gymnast does not display a particularly impressive level of hypertrophy. Instead, he has extremely long muscle bellies that are naturally volumous, a particular skeletal structure, and a low body fat percentage. But if you put that guy on a generic bodybuilding program he would become far bigger and stronger than he is now.


Look how short he is.


And all of 5'2". Good thing they are jacked considering most women tower over them.



I say this because I value your wit and banter in addition to your creative stories. I felt you should know you're appreciated in other threads as well.


Am I the only one who thinks a body like that is far more easily achievable by bodybuilding than torturing yourself on rings for hours a day and possibly injuring yourself?


The only things I have ever used my rings for are muscle-ups and skin-the-cats. All that other shit is best reserved for dudes that are like 130 lbs soaking wet.

Muscle-ups will kick your ass. Great move.