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This is an Amazing Library



Wow. I would marry that man for that library.

A lot of people want things like movie theaters, swimming pools, man caves, whatever in their dream houses. I want a library.


Doesn't look old enough to have dust.

A library that spectacular needs to age- the wood needs to turn from bright and polished to flat and darkened, the light needs to dimmed, and the books need to collect a fine (or not so fine) layer of dust.

And the owner needs to be able to cast spells.


I think that library was in some movie...... not sure though.


It also needs an oversized globe with an outdated map of the world and a copy of the Magna Carta on the wall. Oh, and an oversized gothic fireplace (one of my favorite architectural pieces). Maybe a burgundy leather couch and an ashtray with a cigar last smoked by Churchill. And make that a Churchill, for comedy's sake.


Holy moley i didn't expect it to be that big. But i personally would like a library made entirely of Oak, i don't like the space shuttles and tinted designs on the glass bannister.

Still very cool and probably costs a ton.

I always liked that library in Layer Cake that Eddie Temple had.


I like just walking in, and the smell of books hits you....


One of the coolest things I have ever experienced was when the porter at my college at Oxford took me and my friend down into the archives...tons of ancient books with all the former students, stinking of must, paper, and cellar. I love that smell.