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This......is American Idol


Flame away and call me Ghey but i love American idol.

We have Austrlaian idol here but it so shit it not funny.

Ive only caught the past 3 years of American idol but never miss it.

Who else is a fan of the show?

Im a massive fan of David Cook.The dude can sing and has a pretty good cd.Its one of those cd's where i can listen to every song.

Now the season just past i thought Adam Lambert got fuckin robbed.He stepped up and delivered the best perfomance week in and week out.How Chris even got into the top 3 let alone winning the thing has me perplexed.I assume its from all the little teenage girls voting for him because he was very tasty(according to my wife)

Danny Gokey should have been in the finals with Adam lambert IMO.

The show would not be the same without Simon.He makes the show with his british bluntness and wit.
Paula is just a fuckwit and looks drugged out half the time. Randy jackson is one cool fella.He gets on my nerves how he calls everyone DAWG but apart from that he's a cool dude.

The best thing to ever come from American idol is Kelly Clarkson.That woman can sing with the best of em.I even sing along with her songs hmm maybe i have caught teh ghey? While not a gorgous girl for some reason i just want to stick my dick in every hole of her body.She just has that "something" i like.

Im a big fan of Seacrest as well.Dont know why he cops a heap of flack.Seems like a nice guy?

But the very best part of idol is the auditions.Some funny shit.


I think Carrie Underwood produces better music and is far more fuckable.


The tryouts where the lunatics get their few seconds of fame is the best part.

The rest is industry-manipulating bullshit. I mean look at the most recent winner! That guy's a fuckin' lightweight who looked and sounded like a high school talent show loser.
Adam was professional in every way. He never wavered, never hit a bad note, and never showed negative emotions.

I find it interesting that many people think Adam would have been bad for America's image because of his "gayness". But people seem to forget that when a young Elvis Presley hit the scene in the mid 50s, there was far worse speculation about HIM.


I'd rather watch Conan at a rave ... Oh look, there it is!!


hmm after doing some research ..... I stand corrected.

How bout a 3 way with Kelly and Carrie? Id fuck Kelly on top while Carrie gets eaten out by Kelly and i can finger Carrie's ass.

Wait wrong thread.