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This is a Strong Grip...


Check out this guy rolling up a frying pan!

Fuck! That’s just plain strong and nasty.

Hey, I can do that with a crown cork:)

I saw Bill Kazmier do a bigger pan in half the time with only one hand against his leg at the Olympia a couple years ago. At that time he said he was doing Dumbell military presses with a set of 200lbs for 20 reps. What a freak!


He won’t be so happy with himself when he wants to scramble up some eggs tomorrow morning.


god, i bet his handshakes are deadly. But that is a extremtly strong hand strength.

How the hell do you train for something like that??

[quote]The Brain wrote:
How the hell do you train for something like that??[/quote]

I saw something about this kind of thing on the Discovery Channel or one of those other similar channels. The guy they profiled is not exactly a super huge guy and said a lot of it had to do with conditioning your body to push through what it typically feels is an unacceptable level of pain. His “trick” was that one the pan begins to bend, it is also heating as well. Once you begin to get some momentum of it bending, it’s just a matter of keeping up the effort and it becomes less difficult.

But man, those first few seconds must be a bear.

Its not heated, his name is clay edgin, and its not a “dollar tree” pan either, there is no trick to it besides freakish strength and hard work, google his name and pan to read about it. He tells you specifically what company pan it was, and the dudes a freak.

oh, i didnt really read your post, i thought you said he heated it, so forget what i said, but yea, clay edgin is crazy

he shoulda bent it back then made some eggs.

Hey Syber Snot - are you doing pans yet?

Look up Dennis Rogers.