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This is a Good Dude


I hate how American Idol is full of sob stories, but this guy is legit. His fiance got in a car accident a couple weeks before they got married and she lost most of her mental capacity and is in a wheel chair. He has stayed with her since then and he wrote this song for her...pretty cool


And after he got famous he dumped he for a new model.

Good ol'US of %&%$ A


Yeah, that dude rocks. At the tryouts, I was really touched at how Steven Tyler totally got in close with the fiance, kissing her, caressing her hair and telling her that her man sings so well because he sings to her everyday. Most people act a bit reserved when in the presence of someone who is partially invalid. Not Tyler.

Even when Chris Medina got rejected at one point in the contest, Steven Tyler hugged and kissed him goodbye.

Everyone seemed so touched by this guy's plight.


Here's the vid. Watch how Randy and Jennifer are so formal, while Steven jumps in there and connects.


Where'd you hear that? What an ass. This is most likely what you'd do in that situation.


As of 20 hours ago, they were still engaged...

Perhaps bunny knows something the rest of us don't?



That's a very sad story, indeed.

What's even more sad is that FOX probably started polishing their pockets all the way to the bank once they heard about the circumstance.


Do you think they have some sort of arrangement where he gets to bang other chicks? Seriously, do you think he bangs her at all anymore? He's not a great-looking guy by any means so I wouldn't be surprised if he still bangs her. But what if she can't fuck? Does he get to go out and slay some slampieces instead? Would you guys do so if you were in his shoes?

I'd like to think I would remain totally faithful, but the truth is be out trying to score some strange pussy after a while if my wife couldn't have sex with me, plain and simple. Is that fucked up or is that just natural?


 you'll know when you're in love,homie.


I think in an idealogical world he would remain faithful to the holy matrimony he swore to uphold.

Unfortunately, it's not likely, and becomes even more unlikely the more popular he'll become. With fame and money comes pussy, that's just a fact.

Tough to condemn him for either path he chooses, though. He made a promise on the principle that he loved the essence of this particular woman, but yet this woman has been reduced to a shell of what she once was.


Maybe so. But we don't know if she can't love, or express that love.

I can't imagine turning my back on my wife after a tragedy.


No. I'll know when I'm in love with a fucking paraplegic with a drooling problem, which I don't foresee happening in the near future.


Sure, but don't you think that in this mythical ideological world the wife would just tell her husband "Look, my twat doesn't work anymore, it's like fucking a sandtrap. Go ahead and bang hookers and find avenues for meaningless sex"?

I'm serious. If a wife gets injured in an accident and can't screw anymore, is it unreasonable to expect her to let her husband fuck other women? I'm talking meaningless sex, not leaving her and falling in love with someone else. Is it unreasonable to expect the guy to remain entirely faithful if she doesn't grant him this latitude?


I"m pretty sure she is severely brain damaged... don't know though. i mean is she still even the person that he loves? loved? Man bummer story.


The American Idol guy is engaged, not married and iirc, he got engaged after her accident, although I think he'd already bought the ring.

If something were to happen to me, I'm dumping my spouse. She danced professionally, teaches yoga and pilates, was a personal trainer, surfs, etc. Physical activity, and sharing that activity with someone she loves, is very important to her. I'm not letting her clean my ass, wipe my drool, and confine her to a life without dick. She'd be gone, for her own sake.


That's assuming you'd have the brainpower left to actually dump her..




Bunny is talking shit. That didnt happen.