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This is a Figure Athlete?


Really? We're calling her a figure athlete? Heidi Montag a figure athlete?


i would not hit that.


^Cause you would bounce of the plastic. Might as well rub one out with a plastic cup and a jar of mayo.


Oh, she's totally fapable if she keeps her mouth shut, but she's no figure athlete.


from the neck down maybe...

Mayo? hmmm, lets use yogurt instead. I like mayo...


Face is busted like a 1988 buick. Would only smash doggie


does it count since Chad Waterbury used to train her? or does still? wtf knows..if she's an 'athlete,' then so am I and you and everyone else here! :smiley:


Hotness isn't the issue, it's why I didn't put it in SAMA. It doesn't matter how hot she is. Would you consider her a Figure Athlete?


maybe it was put there on april fool's


Here we go with the "I'm so great she's not hot enough for me". Dream on guys, dream on.


Are jockey's considered athletes?

Because mounting that horse face would then make you an athlete.

I'm sorry, I'll stop ruining your thread.

No she looks like someone who doesn't eat with over inflated boobs.


Don't get me wrong, she's got a nice body. There's just too much wrong with her face. She's got a little bit of a Leno thing goin on with her jaw I think.


Lol, Let me find someone I trust, I will PM them a pic of my wife, and they can tell you that my wife makes that chick look like Mule the Horse Face Killer.


Hey Beans! I'm trustworthy!


Maybe just a figurine.


You can trust me beansey!



do not want


I don't think Heidi Montag's face is that bad...not nearly a ten, but not that bad. I think some of you guys are forgetting what a truly ugly face looks like, so here is one.



you bastard...


You can trust me too, beans. After all, nothing more powerful than changing the mind of the neigh sayer, right?

Btw, there's plenty of women out there a hell of a lot LESS hot than my wife that I would still want to get naked with.