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This is a Cool Idea for a Bench Rack


When he is doing flat bench press. I've never seen that before.

EDIT: For those that can't read, I could give a fawk about Frank Yong-Ying. I was only talking about the flat bench rack he used in the first segment of the video.


Another Frank Yang vid… Looks like a good posterior chain exercise as well.

That’s a money maker right there.


[quote]DOHCrazy wrote:
When he is doing flat bench press. I’ve never seen that before.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D1Xy7Z5sCZU&feature=related [/quote]

I felt like I was about to get injured just watching that.


Boy needs to get some collars on that bar before someone gets hurt!!


That dude is insanely strong, but I’m pretty sure he has more than a few screws loose based solely on the numerous videos of his I’ve seen (milk + bananas while sprinting, playing the violin, his sculpture etc).


That’s “joy of life” right there.
Although the practice is risky, I admire the guy’s attitude. Too many guys take themselves so damned seriously.


Hes hillarious.

I laugh during most of his videos.

His form is hideous half the time, who cares.

The first dead with 480 is just hilarious.



I can’t stand that guy.