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This has to be a joke, or is it?

Friends, please read this link below and tell me what you think. The last thing I want is a law that makes is illegal at what I do best.


If that ain’t a joke then it looks like I am in trouble.LOL!!

This isn’t a joke, but I don’t think anyone takes these people seriously. I’ve seen this Americans for Purity shit several times over the last few years, and they’re really just extremists opposed to a group with any political pull.

whitehouse.org is a joke/porn site (or at least it was in the past…), whitehouse.gov is the legit deal… hehe… I like sending links to less net savvy individuals to freak em out

Freebie, I know whitehouse.com is a porn site, but I’m still uncertain if the .org site is legit. Although, I’ve seen their sponsers, and they seem pretty conservative. Rubberman, I doubt that people take these guys seriously also. But what bothers me is that these jokers are saying that our president wants to put a law against stroking it. As of now, porn producers are in deep shit. Apparently, when our presidant entered office, one of the first things he wanted to do was put restrictions on pornography. But with the Sept. 11 attacks, things got held back. As of now, the administration is returning to its agenda. (I saw this all on Frontline) Anyway, I wouldn’t be surprised if something like this showed up in the evening news because I believe our president would impose a law similar to what these clowns at America for Purity want to have.

Guys, its a total joke! Just scroll down to the page bottom and they say its a parody site. Pretty funny shit though.

Yeah, it’s a joke. Click on “First Lady,” for example: "Good morning, my fellow Americans, wives and targets of those deep-fried-dog munching North Koreans. "

Yes, it’s a joke. Though not totally. The ‘Americans for Purity’ DO exist, they are just not taken seriously.