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This Guy's Wife Got Cancer



This moved me deeply. I thought I would share. It changed outlook on life in some friends when I posted it to facebook.

Love your loved ones cause life is too short.


Jesus. That was amazing and soul crushing.


I think with all the strength and life we have. We need to be thankful for our health and the health of those we love. Focus on the important things. Cause there are those that don't have it and would give anything to get it back.

It is unfortunate it takes pictures of the real horrors of life to shift our focus even for a moment.

I was really moved at the love you can see this guy had for his wife. She was definitely not alone. He was there step by step along the fight.


THAT is a man.




Man that is tough. Heart wrenching


I can't remember the last time something made me tear up this much, that hits hard.


That is sad, but she married a real man for sure. And I'm sure he did everything he could to keep her as comfortable as possible.


Heartbreaking and wonderful. Thanks for posting it, dirtman.


Yep. It's always something that happens to somebody else, until it's happening to you. That's the lie we tell ourselves so we can go on living.

My wife was 33 when she was diagnosed with a highly aggressive, metastatic form of breast cancer. This was about 18 months ago. At her age the likelihood of that is less than 1%. She has no family history, no genetic mutations and few other risk factors. You really never know. Thankfully thus far our battle, difficult as it is, is going better than the Merendinos'.

We were trying to conceive our second child when we got the news that we would be doing this instead. There are no guarantees in this life. Make it count.

Respect for Mr Merendino and his obvious courage and undeniable love in the face of staggering adversity.

Thanks for posting.



As a cancer survivor myself I cannot adequately express how happy I am he stayed with his wife and loved her to the very end. She might have lost her life but she did not lose her love.

Beautiful. Thank you for sharing this.