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This Guy's 'Theory' on Steroid Use


oh Shit, you can die from too much vagoo???


I hate being old too man.

it sucks, I work out and never feel it the next day.


^^Derek, your in the med prof - is it true? Say it aint so.


John Holmes


Statistical proof that Women outlive men.

Why? They kill us with the Vag, some slow some fast, but in the end they kill our ass.


Not to be taken the wrong way but one definition of vanity is "lack of real value; hollowness; worthlessness: the vanity of a selfish life."

With out a multi-million dollar sports or sponsorship contract, using steroids to push just a little harder fits that description except maybe the selfish life. Unless of course one did risk their career and families well being for an extra inch on the bicep.

That's not to say accomplishing goals isn't a worthwile endeavour in the gym, in business, in home life or where ever. Personally I am a hugely goal driven and competitive guy in my real life.

A guy can get stronger, faster, bigger and accomplish physical transformation without steroids and frankly, in my personal opinion, doing it with steroids cheapens the goal, if it's just personal satisfaction being sought. It's like beating a video game with cheat codes. Fun maybe but you get my drift.

Just my opinion though, not hating juicers, have honestly considered it lately. And if I was in the running for pro contract in any sport, I would have needles in my ass so fast Flash couldn't stop me. And I do use supplements so again it just boils down to risk vs. reward, as anything does. We seem to agree overall.


Yeah, 80's chicks would kill me too. What were they thinking with the hair makeup etc..?

Was it a fatal loss in blood pressure or physical exhaustion? If the latter, he just wasn't smart, let the womenz do the work. lol


Did not watch video, but I already know that I like this one better


^^hahaha I like it


How many of us already take supplements to aid our development?


Let the ball have steroids!!!





I'm not vain then. But lifting is certainly a selfish endeavor for me though, I can admit that.

Shit half the fun is "wearing" your results for all to see, and knowing no one can take that shit away from you. No one can belittle what you've accomplished. You did it, by yourself, for yourself, and ain't a motherfucker going to take my blood, pain and balls away from me.

Fair enough. I mean it isn't like that opinion is out of left field. And it is one that you have to think about, but only when it comes from someone that lifts. If Sally Fatass at the office said that I would mention how she is a fat shit and should fuck off and die of consumption, but from a lifter, fine.

I personally don't see it that way, outside of an assisted guy competing against nattys and claiming he is natty. But I don't think either of us are 'wrong' about it, just see different shades of grey.

Sort of surprised, but yeah :wink:


i totally agree with your view on lifting rewards and it applies to everything built with deliberate effort. Doesn't really have much to do with 'roids specifically though, especially since my grey shade is that using for no other reason than personal satisfaction is like beating a game with codes, as a general comment.

I see your wink but one topic doesn't carry over to another. Videogames are one thing, steroids totally another.

Anyways, it's all risk vs. reward, which ever side a person is on.

Didn't understand the suzie fat ass comment but I think we are on the same page.

So at this point my posts will become circular it seems. I'll be back when flaming and e-one upping begin.


And, for the record, at some point I will be on TRT just like I play madden sometimes.

The reward of keeping hard earned muscle, youth and boner ability will outweigh risk as I age. Plus i'll do it through a doctor.


No, DJ, that was a plea.... :stuck_out_tongue:




He died from the AIDS and that is all I am going to say about that.

I like 80's chicks, that was the time when I lost the big V so kind of a turn on.


Love 80's chicks.

Well, maybe I just love chicks in denim 'n leather (or out of denim n' leather)


Remember the thongs were like REAL high on the hips.


They were like suspenders.