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This Guy's 'Theory' on Steroid Use


Whats your opinion on this guys theory about steroid use. His physique looks insane now.


Probably an unpopular opinion but as a general comment on steroids if you don't have a multi-million dollar pro-sports contract or otherwise earn your income with your muscles, why use?

Don't give me the no side effect bullshit either. Taking hormones outside of natural parameters can absolutely fuck a body up.


makes sense to me.


Honest response below

To keep going... Progress slows and gets harder and harder man. Imagine "gaining like a newb" again? Except you know wtf you are doing this time around.

To feel like superman again... I can't tell you what I would give to recover like I was 28 again, let alone 22, let alone 18 or better.

IDK, I get where you are coming from. But I'll say if I wouldn't have to risk my family and career I would be on gear so fast your head would spin. I do this thing we do for a lot of reasons, and if it would make me that much bigger, faster, stronger, why not take a drug to get that? It is the Contemporary American way.

I'm probably not making myself clear, or have body dis-morphia or some shit, but no amount of progress is ever going to be enough, I'll never be done, and gear is tool in the tool box. Except it is like the chainsaw, when I'm using a coping saw to take down a 200 year old oak...


Hope he's not juicing cuz he looks like shit in the video but I also see this was 1986 by the title.

There's nothing wrong with a little enhancement as long as it doesn't impact your quality of life or create an unfair advantage in an event.

Have at it.

Hguy, let me take your stmt a step further. If you don't use your muscles in your job or home life, why even lift weights?


There's a link to a picture of him (I assume pretty recent) below the vid


this -


This may give you a better idea of the kid. I think the vid said this was him in 2009.


Guy is a delusional idiot. Oral only cycles are retarded from a risk-reward perspective, Test is not the most powerful steroid, LOL @ him listing off esters like it makes him an expert or something. I don't care if he wants to tell himself that prohormones aren't steroids because it helps him sleep at night, but ANY exogenous sex hormone is a steroid, regardless if you can buy it OTC or not.

I could dissect the rest of the video but I'm not going to waste my time.


I do understand what you are saying, absolutely and can play fair. I appreciate the response and not stirring shit but you totally caught me off gaurd out of the blue in video games, my intent wasn't to attack, even if it read that way. I'm not attacking here either.

Allright, handshakes aside:

I do understand. Really. I truly do lift. I was a lean 220 at 6 feet (as a general comment, I know there are people way bigger than me, I don't care) and did take a hiatus to handle some other shit that wound up being way more time consuming than I anticipated.

I'm back in the gym and HATE not being where I was. Have totally considered using, even just a few cycles, to get back. A buddy of mine uses and has offered, very tempting. May even do the dr. route, a slower but monitored pace.

I suppose ultimately it depends on the value placed on muscle size and strength. I personally just find it silly that some one would be so vain, not an attack, that they would honestly risk wrecking their bodies to get a few more inches or 50 more lbs. when their efforts don't take them anywhere other than in front of their own mirror. It's not like they have to be the biggest man on the line, have the best bicep peak to win a sponsorship et cetera.

I'm assuming by your post you are not using, because your desire to protect your family and job outweigh your desire for easy gains. This is the line of thinking I'm discussing... the risk outweighs the reward for a random dude who just happens to like lifting, imo.

I can absolutely understand how a man in his late 30's or beyond would want testosterone therapy and I probably will go that route when I get there.

What I'm talking about, and what I believe the video alluded to, is shooting test levels sky high, way out of the norm and putting the body at risk for some very major complications, not just a doctor monitored, high end of the spectrum maintenence level.


Yeah I saw that but I can't tell if its him.

Everybody looks the same/similar to me.


I'd pour that shit on my pancakes, in my coffee, and on my dick if it were made readily available to me.




Health, general strength, habit after playing sports all my life and missing it when I don't, stress relief, better sleep and of course vanity.

I see your point but where does risk outweigh reward? My long post to beans reply kind of addresses your questions.


How do you feel about cosmetic surgery (implants, extensions, lifts etc...) Its all a function of the time. Also, has there been any definitive research that shows measured moderate enhancement negatively impacts longevity? I mean real reports, not Lyle or Jericho is crazy talk!!!


Oh I'm with you and I don't partake of the fountain's youthful nectar (yet) but it is a question of risk and how much risk is actually involved.


They are controlled medication, ie they are prescribed by a physician. So they have safety levels with long term studies etc.

Every medication has side effects, some minimal some more, the FDA would not have allowed the production if there is a direct link to causing death.

So if you took them like you are supposed to then No your risks would be the same as driving in Houston.


I wouldn't turn a lady with a fake chest down but I don't personally like it. I see how a woman who has undergone a mastectomy would need implants.

Of course research is contradictory. Vitamin E to coffee to sunscreen are supported in some research and demonized in others, test too.

There are absolutely documented cases of terrible side effects, however.

Again, I do understand the thought process behind use, it's the risk vs. reward that shapes my opinion.


Yeah, pretty much. Along with what it means to you to get there.

No offense taken.

Is it vanity? Maybe... I wouldn't be surprised. I can't even really describe why I want "it" so bad, I just do. I suppose I'm vain. I dont' really have a problem with that, though, haha.

And yeah, lol, a whole lot of us are fucking retarded for dong to ourselves what we do. There was a thread about this a couple weeks ago. I mean I 'enjoy' this, but it is a bitch. I mean, I drive myself into the fucking ground, drop a nut and nearly pass out for one more fucking rep, just one, or 10 more lbs on the bar.

Is that even sane? Doubt it, lol. But I know it feels right to do it.

It is for me yeah. Teh risk is too high. But shit, if I was 25 and single, that thought wouldn't ever cross my mind. I'd be superman.

Excess of pretty much anything will kill you. Maybe even vagoo.

edit: fucked up teh quotes


I'm saying...