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This guy


This guy walks in, starts blabbing about something, grabs a weight, pounds a few, puts a jacket, takes a look at his calendar, a quick glance at his watch, another look at his calendar, says 'this is illogical, fucking illogical" 12 times over and leaves.

What the fuck?


Is this a joke or something? I don't get it.


hmmm must be related to the guy i saw at the gym yesterday walking around doing db curls, and stoping to check out his arms and making a face where he looked like he was going to shit his pants


whatever. He was trying to abduct the weight, and diesel didn't understand.


goddamn leap year gets me every time too


Jared Wright, don't you mean adduct? What do these terms mean again?



Adduct - 1 duck plus 1 duck.

Abduct - A duck with Abs, a weight lifting duck. (i.e. cupcake.)


I thought Adduct whas when two things stuck together? like sweaty buttcheeks?
And isn't Abduct when little green men come and take you away?

Then Again I could be wrong.


Yeah, how the fuck are you supposed to abduct your own legs?


diesel, spend less time watching every single dumb person in the gym and more time lifting or personal training since that's your job.

I wonder if Christian has a name for someone like diesel.


Okay, so you're a trainer at the local mental hospital?


There's about 1000 other 'crazy gym guy' threads. I don't think we need another topic started every time you find someone new.


Mike Mentzer's ghost?


Okay Diesel fess up...that guy was you.


This could be like the movie "Identity" where this guy as well as the "5 lb. shoulder guy" are diesel's multiple personalities.


Speaking of which, that was a great movie.


Hey motherfucker I haven't seen that movie yet!!! Dammit thanks for giving it away!!! Now when I adduct or is it abduct my arm to put the tape in the vcr I will know the stories twists!!! Oi! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I already ruined it for everyone who hadn't seen it in a post three weeks ago, so now any discussion of the movie is fair game =0)


Ya ya. :frowning:


ExHitter Scott had the funniest line in this thread: "must be Mike Mentzers Ghost".

Good one!