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This Guy Needs some Mass


I believe there are some kids on this site who can benefit from this. I know I can to a certain deggree.


That's fucking horrifying.


Kid needs to eat his CARRRRRRRRRROTZ


jeez. wheres mom/dad to give him a smack and make him eat?


I would force that kid to drink a gallon of whole milk a day. Problem solved.

Now how hard was that?


I think that's already his problem. He took it too far with the carrots.

Seriously though, I don't get this kid. He says right at the beginning of the video that he wants to be muscular, read muscle magazines around the house and then says he's afraid of what normal food will do to his body. WTF?

It's nice to see that his Dad, who also lift weights, showed him the correct way. sigh


He said he wanted to be muscular, but he also said in the middle that he doesnt wanna be "too big so that he gets stuck in doors." as if thats gonna happen overnight.

I can understand where theyre coming from though. Everyone used to count calories exessively at one point or another, even if they dont do it anymore. I know i did.


The part I don't get is that his parents cook for him. Make him meticulously prepare his own shit and see how long he lasts.


He seems to be a smart kid, he understands that it's bad for him, but he can't beat his own personal demons and obey his intellect.


I had two pieces of fried chicken, and some root beer for breakfast.


kids fawking SHREDDDDDED


That shit is scary. My son is 13 and has been lifting off and on for the last year. He has recently started lifting with me and my partner.

He shows no signs of this problem being discussed. But I think I will talk to him anyway.

That particular family on the video seems pretty normal. Of course you never know when watching TV.

As far as forcing kids to eat. I haven't had a lot of luck making them eat stuff they don't want to eat. It kind of works if your are forcing them to eat their peas once in a while. But all day every day won't work.

I actually knew a guy in the Navy that would only eat french fries, popcorn, and pancakes. I am not kidding that was all this guy would eat. We used to tease him and tell him he had the body of an 80 year old. He had a big belly, skinny arms and legs, cellulite all over and greasy hair and skin. He had wealthy parents and was a cool and funny guy. He said his parents tried forcing him to eat (didn't work) and sent him to doctors.

I was so worried about him (he reported to me) that I decided to tell the ships doctor to check him out. The doctor found he had scurvy among other things. So the guy started eating limes and oranges at least. That kept his teeth from falling out.

The guy never really liked me after that, and I did feel bad about it afterwards. I felt like I sold out a buddy. The doctor told him he would be dead before he was 30. The guy said that is what the doctors told his parents too. His parents were hoping the Navy would straighten him out.

Anyway the point I am trying to make is that this stuff is not so easy to fix.


wish i could be that ripped


Poor misguided kid. I think nutrition and exercise should be discussed at school.


I saw plenty of kids when I was in high school that looked like without even trying.


It is, unfortunately it's all the wrong stuff. I remember in my high school phys ed course they taught us all that crap about "6-8 reps for size, 8-10 for balance, and 10-12 for definition" briefly touched on nutrition but again, most of it was wrong. I actually considered contacting the school board and asking them how they're still allowed to teach such outdated stuff.


I was thinking the same thing too. My assumption is he sees them too and envys them. Dr Phil asks a good question in a part of the show. He simply asks "WHat happen between these two pictures?" (There was a young chubby picture and a older low bodyfat picture.) He didn't really answer it and I wish Dr. Phil would have dug deeper on that. I believe that's where he could have began to get better.


he wasnt chubby in the after picture, most people have small rolls on their stomach and it doesnt mean you are chubby at all, those are the type of values instilled in this society that push people to go that far, he had 3 small rolls and perfectly normal bodyweight


No, not all of us did. My goal was to get big. I never once in my life worried as much as many of the newbies on this board seem to about any and all fat gains. I knew I was eating enough if the scale went up.

Mind you, that attitude is reflected in how few really big guys even exist lately.

With authors like Shugart writing as if fat gains should be feared like the plague, I expect to see even more cases like this.

It's like the idea got lost that you have to build those big muscles in the first place before you worry about how ripped they are.

This kid has anorexia. He fears fat on his body. That isn't bodybuilding.