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This Guy is Insane

So I just felt like sharing this because I was shocked:

So I pretty much know everyone in my college gym, at least the big guys anyways, but this year this new freshman has come in and is ridiculous. He introduced to himself to me the other day and we just made small talk and such but its his stats that are insane.

He is 18 years old 5’7 275 lbs!!! Big as fuck! He’s a pretty chubby dude but just takes up so much space. The other day I saw him press 315x4 behind his head, bench 405x6 and squat 495x8 like it was nothing.

Sick man just sick. I asked him if he was planning on cutting and he told me he is trying to hit 290 by the end of the year! haha. I hope I can talk him into bodybuilding, I can’t even imagine what someone that big would look like cut up, well I can lol, but 18 years old damn.

315x4 is an unreal lift…was this seated? I would be impressed with a push press at that weight.

That 315, by the little description you give, is one damn impressive behind the beck press (push press or strict behind the neck press?)

Good for him on not caring about carrying some extra fat, at 18 as well. That’s pretty impressive.

It wasn’t meganewb was it, as I recall he’s a big guy who can move big weights and is under 20.

it was a seated behind the neck military press, went down to like an inch below the bottom of the ear and pushed that shit up…It was insane.

Damn - Kid’s a beast. Did he ever even compete in PL’ing or anything like that? Football?

He was heavy weight state wrestling champ for 3 years in high school. I think he follows more of a BB split now though. From talking to him he tends to stick with mostly a higher rep range like 6-10.

Sounds awesome. Hope he continues to pursue bigger weights, and doesn’t slack off.

thats incredible, alot of weight to be lifting especially at his age.

He is 5’7, pretty short if you ask me. But thats still some pretty insane #'s.

[quote]BlackLabel wrote:
He is 5’7, pretty short if you ask me. But thats still some pretty insane #'s.[/quote]

Short people got no excuse.

Seriously, it’s awesome to hear about a guy who obviously has good genetics and the work ethic to make the most of it. All you ever hear about are the guys with awesome genes who eat and train like shit, though I’m sure 90% of those stories are pure bullshit.

[quote]BlackLabel wrote:
He is 5’7, pretty short if you ask me. But thats still some pretty insane #'s.[/quote]

I fail to see what that has to do with anything. The fact that he is 275 at that height just makes it more impressive.

Motherfucker is taking advantage of natural gifts and putting the effort in. Good shit.

Steal a photo with him next time hes at the gym or out, it would be interesting to see how big he looks at 5’7".