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This Guy Can Bench 500 lbs...

…with 3 guys helping him.

This guy’s a douche.


It’s the 2nd video, about 2 minutes in.

If you watch the whole thing, it’s also pretty absurd.

The real gem here is the video of George Michael Bluth making fun of the guy

I like how at the end he claims to be a pro athlete and CEO. CEO of what? Being an assclown?

For some reason I have a hard time beliving that those db’s were really 140lbs each. Considering the incline and how bad his reps looked benching 225 on a flat bench.

Is it last week already? And last November too! :wink:

[quote]PGA wrote:
Is it last week already? And last November too! ;-)[/quote]

I thought I was having De Ja Vu. (sp?)

The Stuff he was talking about in the video is pretty true. He’s basically paraphrasing Napoleon Hill’s works.

Too bad he’s such a big douchebag.

What does this guy do, walk around the gym and rally a team everytime he benches? The guys spotting him on the 500 lb bench press looked like they were getting a workout.

“Hey, can you and 2 other guys spot me on this 500 lb bench press?”

I wanna spot that guy. I recond I’d get a very nice workout.

hmm the 500lbs 3 man benchpress.

Wow. What an assclown.

That ballroom dancer chick had a smokin’ body, though. I bet she’d be fun.