This Girl Can Beat Your Ass

Yulia… fedor’s student.

Girls… there those things with vagina’s in em?

she threw a beautiful left uppercut. she looks a lot like fedor’s brother aleks. i agree that fedor is the best fighter in the world… due to his skill level i really think odds say he can beat every last single human on earth in a 1 on 1 fight no rules

I choose Kyra Gracie over this lady all day everyday. But if I needed someone to protect me in a fight…I’m guessing this russian chick would get the vote.

I’d hit it

I would definitely let her mount me.

she’d hit back.

Check out my friend Veronika

[quote]JonnyTMT wrote:
Check out my friend Veronika [/quote]

That was pretty awesome

damn she’s somethin serious

wow i would so love to get socked in the mouth by any of them.
that russian girl in particular shes bad.