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This Fall's Vidya Games


Omfg Fallout New Vegas in 5 days then Assassins Creed Brotherhood in <1month!!1 Who else is buying them/has them both pre-ordered with next day shipping??


Got new vegas on the way as well as Fable 3.


Getting Assassin's Creed:Brotherhood. Want to get Fable 3 and Black Ops, but I probably won't have the money/time.


I tend to hire games instead of buying them, they only take a week end to finish these days and they cost me $7 instead of $100 or $110 as same games are these days.

But I will hire both when they come out


im assuming hire=rent?


There's no way that you're going to get a copy of Fallout or Assassins Creed for rent for at least a couple weeks post-release. Neckbeards will descend upon the local Blockbuster (R.I.P.) at midnight and the shelves will be cleared.


I have ordered New Vegas though to be honest I can't see it having the impact of Fallout 3. Anyone any interest in Kinect?


I'd like to see Bethesda do a sort of Fallout world. Imagine the fucked up animals in Africa, South America, Asia, etc. It would make for some good variety. Maybe some mutated polar bears, beavers, and seals for Canada :slight_smile:


Good thing my parents still pay for stuff, I'm hoping to get the following, not in any specific order

Assassin's Creed, big fan of the series
Medal of Honor, I think it will be better than the next COD
Fable 3, again, we are fans of the series Hoping that the game is longer than the last fable
Deadrising 2

Will most likely have them all around or shortly before the holidays, depending on when they come out. I never pre-order games, it doesn't seem necessary. We walk into gamestop the day it comes out and they have tons of copies, and the only time we did pre-order something we got there and they didn't have a copy for us, so it was a waste of money.


I would say Gran Tourismo 5, but it got delayed(shocker!).

Force Unleashed 2 in a couple weeks though!


I rented Medal of Honor...Its not very good. The graphics are really shaky. The gameplay is pretty boring and can get frustrating. Boring, VERY linear. I LOVE Call of Duty for its multiplayer and was hoping MOH would be a fresh new experience. Very glad I rented it as opposed to impulse buying, because it suuuuucks IMO.


COD Black Ops...Time to own.


not this fall but winter, WOW: Cataclysm


Fallout New Vegas is made by the guys who did the originals.

And as far as I can tell it's not some bullshit rehashed story (honestly...the goddamn brotherhood of steel on the east coast? Be less original...oh wait you did, you brought super mutants too).

Bethesda has always done amazing things with the graphics, mechanics, and worlds they create but their stories are always flat and generally suck shit.

This should be a great meshing of what was great about the old stuff with what's great about the new stuff.

P.S. I'd punch a baby to play it right now.


Pre order New Vegas and Assassins Creed. Medal of Honor wasn't that great. Definitely looking forward to Black Ops!

Definitely interested in Kinect too. From what I've seen it looks pretty impressive.


Anyone play the new Castlevania game (Lords of Shadow)?


Yep hire/rent


My local store normally gets them with in a few days of them coming out which is pretty good most of the time ill get them before they are rented by some one else but i dont mind waiting a couple of weeks if its going to save me $200 or so.

I got the new nba game already and they only came out last week so touch wood its working well for me atm.


It's averaging about 8.3 on Metacritic. I will buy it eventually, I've always liked the Castlevania series.


And the music of those games - superb!