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This Ever Happen To You?


Im at a Holiday Inn way out in the sticks and I go to drop the kids off at the pool, and WHAAM. The godanm toilet crumbles from under me. I grab the towwel bar, rip it off the wall, and slam my head on the fucking shower knob. What reallg pisses me off is the fact they want either me or my company to pay for it(buisness trip). I could have been killed, or worse, lost my testicles.


Don't pay for it, sue those fuckers!


On the positive side you must have some incredible squating power. : )


You don't have to pay dude, in fact they should be crapping themselves that you don't sue. You could've really hurt yourself.


You're no lawyer, but you did stay at a Holiday Inn last night.


Psssssssssh, rainjack you retard. Its Holiday Inn Express. You obviously don't watch enough TV.


Well, I guess cbeefyt is just pretty much screwed, then.


Hehehe.... I wish I were in your shoes you lucky fucking bastard!!! Unless, you signed a checkin slip with the tiny print reading, "Hello, if you're drunk, tired, illiterate, or fucked-up in any other way, you are responsible for ANYTHING YOU BREAK IN THE ROOM!!!

You can battle this though.... "Cracking Knuckles"

If you have a witness to the event or incurred injury do to faulty equipment... being the toilet... you are entitled to what's called "Property Insurance Claim Money"!!!!!!

The Hotel pays a deductable every quarter or year, along with their property taxes, that will cover such an event. If they do not have this type of Insurance they can be held liable for damages incurred to yourself for "Neglagence" ... spelling...

Since it is a Franchise, you should be able to sue the corporate office for much more than you would have gotten from an independently owned hotel.

Have fun with this one.... You have options and you better start thinking about if you want small bills or a cashier's check!!!! :slight_smile:


im sorry dude, but i find this abolutely gut-busting.


I've heard of cracking walnuts with your butt cheeks , but damn that impressive. Glad to hear you weren't seriously hurt though. I guess when they say most accidents happen in the bathroom they weren't kidding.


There are a couple things that could of caused this.

  1. When installed, the bolts were either too loose or too tight.

  2. There was a hairline crack on the toilet before you went there (either a day before or years before).

Did water from the water line start spraying everywhere?


Was this damage caused by a methane explosion ? .....Do you weigh over 600 lbs ? We have a fat lady at work (400 lbs + )who has broken 3 toilet seats in our office restroom. Seats, though. Not the porceline base....


Im doing fine, I do tend to put a comedic spin on my posts.