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This Ever Happen to You?



the slow mo on the last one is pretty good


I like the squat rack in my collage gym because at least when I'm trying to push myself on bench I can set the saftey pins about bar to chest height.


That was hard for me to watch. Though the lighthearted music did indeed help.

The worst I've ever done is whack myself in the face with a 45 unloading a bar above my head. Very minor.


judging by your avi, it didn't do any damage.


The one guy that gave the lift off and basically dropped the bar on the guy should be kicked hard. I only use people I know, particularly if I'm in a shirt.

The worst I had was dumping 285lbs across the back of my head on a squat that failed fast. Fortunatly, I had pins set but the knurling still took the skin off the back of my neck and gave me a goose egg to think about for a while. When it happens, it happens fast.


you mean the guy using a thumbless grip who never really had a grip on the bar? not much a single spotter can do in that situation

the only one that scares me is the ed coan video.


Most of these cunts brought it on themselves. Can anyone explain to me what the advantage of a thumb-less grip may be besides improving the gene pool?


That video reminds me of the first lift session I did with a buddy of mine in high school. We were lifting next to the heaviest lifters in the school and my buddy bet that he could squat as much as they could and I called BS. Keep in mind that he's around 6'2 and lean while these guys were closer to 5'9 and built like brick shithouses.

So we put something like 425 lbs. on the bar and got it set up for him. He gets under the bar, steps back and then immediately falls backwards, never letting go of the bar, until it hits the rails and his neck slams back and he hit's the floor. I made a cool $20 that day and got a good story out of it.


Supposed to let you press more weight. Frank Mcgrath uses this grip on a lot of his pressing (at least in videos). However, there's a reason it's called "suicide grip".


How is that the spotters fault at all? If you want to use some dumbshit grip like that its your job to either tell your spotter to hang onto the bar the whole time or use a weight you can actually handle.


man..that was tough to watch...if you agree to spot someone, EFFIN SPOT THEM. There should be some sort of penalty for crappy spotters.


I remember waking with a bruise and not knowing where it came from. Now I know....


there is a penalty for crappy spotters, its called a punch to the face.


When I see those bench press mishaps it almost looks like the bar's about to cut them in half.

What sort of damage does it do? I mean how bad are the guys fouled up in a hospital bed after that???


I probably asked you this before, but is your screen name a Soundgarden reference?


damn, i expected to get a laugh, but mainly I felt bad for them


Can't watch. I work in a hospital now and I've lost my taste for these vids :frowning:

I remember reading an article where a colledge lifter literally blew his ass out squatting at a meet, not sure if it was true though.

FYI, don't blink really fast looking at ID's avi lol.


Can't watch.

I've dislocated a bunch of stuff, blew out a couple of joints.

The voyeuristic novely of this kind of video is lost on me, probably because I'm well aware of the surgeries and rehab that follow.


I didn't catch the suicide grip but it still looked like he just lifted him off and let go without making sure he was set. When I get a liftoff, it takes me a few seconds to get really set before I'm ready to go, like pulling my blades in tighter. You don't hold the bar the entire time but you should pay enough attention to see if they are ready. That's why I only use spotters I train with and know what they're doing.


Why thank you sir

It was the one right on the forehead. thank got our precious wasn't permanently damaged.