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this ever happen at your gym?

walked out in the hall to get a drink at the fountain and what do i see, 2 guys mouthing at each other, it was quite funny actually… never heard it all but here’s what i heard…"
bigger guy: how much you bench? wait, what is the MOST you’ve ever benched?"
smaller guy: i don’t recall, (pause for few seconds)… 225 when i get into the swing of things" (i have my doubts)
bigger guy: oh ya, well when you can bench 325 come talk to me and then you can wear a bandana like me and act like me, until then shut the fuck up"
Then smaller guy leaves, oh ya did i mention that bigger guys bench is a “row-bench” combo, love seeing thouse guys workout, i have the feeling that the bigger guy started it, because he trys to act like a big shot around anyone smallar/weaker than him. anyway i thought this was funny

Wait, wait, wait…he actually said “and then you can wear a bandana like me?” If so, that is fucking HILARIOUS!!! Wow.

I would of laughed my arse off if I would have heard that. I don’t understand the whole bandana thing to begin with.

yup, he said tha bandana thing, i wrote it word for word, and ya i was laughing…

I really dislike people like that…When I worled out at a public gym, I was the “Big Dog”, and I NEVER ONCE acted like it…I can’t stand people who run their mouth because they are a little stronger than someone who is newer or smaller…I always try to encourage new folks…while 325 is a fine bench, it by no means gived him any sort of bragging rights…Next time you see him, tell him to go enter a Powerlifting meet if he thinks he is big, His ego will be busted VERY quickly…I bench over 440, and I am a whoosey compared to some…

You just made snot come out of my nose.lol

He should of said,… Maybe you could be a dick like me…" I guess that is why I dead lift. Any thing above 315 looks heavy and no one else does it. Soo It keeps most pepole far…far… farr… away from me. People ask me when do I think I will be big enough and I tell them when my arms are to big to wipe my ass…