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This Doesn't Work...


Okay, hot tip for you all:

Putting a cookie dough Metabolic Drive Bar in the blender with a cup of milk DOES NOT produce anything resembling a cookie dough flavored shake.

I can't believe I just wasted one of those glorious bars trying that...


I love the fact that you tried. That is the sort of thing that I would do.

Keep up the imagination!


I'm laughing at you really hard right now.


You're SUCH a meathead...


PS: I mean that as a compliment.


you have to dry it out in the oven first. dumbass.


Try using hot milk.

You can thank me later.


Well I hope you fucking ate it anyway!


Well yes, obviously. I have consumed some awfully wretched things in the name of nutrition, so by comparison this wasn't that bad.

But, compared to my expectations, I was terribly disappointed, and would never recommend somebody taint something so delicious in the same foolish manner...


...or chop up the bar first into small pieces. Hell it works for DQ...


Yeah, make a blizzard with a little frozen cool whip.

Sounds delicious.


I did put it into small pieces first. Trust me, it doesn't make much of a difference what you do prior to putting it into the blender. It is, after all, a blender.

And DQ just mixes chunks of candy bars into ice cream, that's cheating. I was trying to create something relatively healthy, a much mightier task, which I failed miserably at...


How about...

Cut up the bar into pieces, bake it to make it a bit crunchier,

and then make your own ice cream with skim milk (or whole for a weight gainer) flavoured with sucralose, or your favourite low cal sweetner. (don't forget to use liquid nitrogen for the best ice cream: http://www.polsci.wvu.edu/Henry/Icecream/Icecream.html )

you could also use milk thickened with Classic Grow or Metabolic Drive...
or mabey peanut butter would add some thickness? xanathan gum? lecithin?


I can just see you now...Lifting the blender up to your lips...tossing it back...son of a bi*ch!


You have no idea, I was pissed. I freakin' love those cookie dough bars. I was all excited and everything, and then that first sip just absolutely sucked.

What a waste. Nothing makes a large man angrier than the mutilation of good food...


lol, who the crap gave a thread about my retarded attempt at a smoothie 5 stars?

Man you guys have some low expectations for this site...


If I knew how, I'd give it another 5.


What about those damn metrosexuals?


i was thinking about trying that this morning, thanks for saving me from wasting good food


You're right, that's a close call. I'll say, wasting a cookie dough bar outweighs the metrosexuals. However, I'd definitely sacrifice a chocolate chunk bar to rid the world of 1 metrosexual, but that's just my own personal preference.


I'm coming out of exile to help you on this one. Two words:

Coffee. Grinder.

Grind the shit out of it, and then throw it in the blender.