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This DaVinci Code Gone Too Far



Sorry, but this strikes me as just another cheesy bandwagon, get rich quick, fitness scheme.


what a crock of shit


Fibonacci numbers again... Fibonacci numbers do have some amazing properties, and for some reason tend to occur throughout nature in things like the proportions of natural objects like shells, geometry etc.

Quacks and loonies throughout history have also tried to apply them to things like stock market prices... and failed... although that doesn't stop the "True Believers". This looks like another form of the same delusion...


The people who buy this need to logon to T-Nation. It is free and the best i have found. No fluff or fads.


that's just fucking ridiculous, how people can make these claims with nothing substantial to back them up. Even worse is the fact that people fall for them.


Applying the fib numbers to fitness seems to stretch things a little but our bodies are divided into perfect fib numbers. That is a fact.
Regarding your stock market comment, I do believe in Fib retracements because I see them ALL the time. The Fib numbers CAN be applied to everything in some shape or form. My first impression regarding Davinci Fitness is that it is exploiting the name and misusing the fib principles.
Just my ignorant opinion!


First off, there is nothing "sacred" about these numbers. I don't know where he came up with that. It's just a mathematical construct that a guy named Fibonacci came up with.

Secondly, he doesn't say how to use them. Set/reps? Weights?

Thirdly, does it only work with pounds? I guess it won't work with metrics units, huh?

Yep, crock o'shit.


I actually got to give this guy props. I wish I thought of this scam first!


Although we cant actually say that it wont work!!

Obviously its a scam but theres no reason it cant give results especially considering the strong placebo effect it may have on people who believe it.


It's just riding in the limelight from the book and movie. Clever idea though. I'm sure there's lots of idiots who are just willing to have their pockets 'lightened' by this magical and mystical sequence.


This is just the program I've been looking for!

Between this and the warrior diet I should be well on the road to success.


Plenty of opportunities left:

Prime number training. (2, 3, 5, 7, 11, 13...) Popularize the 11x3 method. Add "PlateMates" to ensure you're benching 227, not 225. The body responds better to these numbers.

Digits of Pi training. (3.1415926535897...) Warm up by walking in circles. Split up everything in "rounds." Use circular arguments. Sell protein pies as supplements.

Happy number training. (1, 7, 10, 13, 19, 23, 28, 31...) Supplement with Happy Meals. Always smile. Don't worry, be happy.

Golden Ratio training (make sure the ratio 1.618 comes up often in your program) 5 sets of 8 = 1.6 (8/5)... close enough. Do some cross-promotion with Gold's Gyms in your area. Say that the Greeks used it everywhere, etc.


I think Mentzer may have some precedence here. Do a workout rest 1 day, workout and rest 2, workout and rest 3, workout and rest 5, workout and rest 8,...Die huge.


Almost as good as the advice I read from an HIT website: training intensely once every 28 days is the way to incredible gains.



I must say that this guy will probably make a fair amount of money. The problem with this kind of scam is that it will probably work, because the people who buy it will be people who..

*Have no knowledge of training
*Have yo-yo dieted their whole life
*Think that certain "diets" dont work because they gain weight back
*Never Train
*Think "working out" means spending an hour walking on a treadmill

Its said because it will probably work for these people, then again ANYTHING would work for these people. To second someone before, I wish I could come up with some bullshit and tell people they only have to train every once in a while and get in shape. Does the guy that came up with this have any real fitness credentials?



I like this one. Pick a random number of reps, and do it. If the number was odd, multiply by three and add one for your next set. If it was even, divide by two for your next set. Repeat the process with that number for your next set.

You might only do 3 or so sets, or you might do quite a few (say, if you pick 27 as the first number). I call it Collatz' Undulating Undending Periodization.


(Eye Roll)


It works very easy on day 1, mail me a dollar on day 2, mail me 2 dollars on day 3 mail me three dollars and keep this up indefinitley (1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, etc.)and as long as you do this you will find yourself making amazing gains (and losses too).....


Yeah, 27 is killer all right.


Fibonacci works well with stock markets. But there are many crackpot stock systems out there for the masses - the masses who never get exposed to the working systems that are used within the industry. You can make ANY system work in the stockmarket as long as you address the most important aspects of the system: risk management, position size relative to risk and capital, exit strategy, entry conditions.

Most cheap, public, scam systems just harp on about entry points - as if that was the only thing, or the most important thing, or even a useful thing.

The first numbers in the sequence are great for working out. But hey, they are only missing the number 4, 6, 9, 10, 11 ! in the rep range that counts.

Pick a number under 10 and match it to appropriate sets and weights and wholah, progress. No magic involved.

Also, the DaVinci Code is a crock of shit. (pardon the language, it is just an expression)