This Coffee Fad

I don’t drink coffee. I wish I could since it seems to be healthy. For me to drink it though, I have to add so much to it that it ends up basically being chocolate milk.
Half the posts I see on Facebook and other social media are something about someone having to get their coffee. Is it really the coffee or does everyone just want the caffeine?

I was a coffee drinker way before it became a fad. Been drinking it since my granny would make it for me. It was mostly sugar and milk but she would pour it from one to another to make sure it was cool enough…lol In a Donald Duck cup none the less.
I just love coffee! Drinking a cup right now.


I … didn’t know coffee driving was a fad …

Anyway, I have only drank black coffee for over 15 years … I can’t recall the last time i had anything in my coffee.

I will say this, op, if you want to get down to drinking just black coffee from your current manifestation of basically a dessert drink, reduce/remove things in increments. Say you put 4oz of cream/milk … reduce it to 2oz … 2 teaspoons of sugar, down to 1 … until that becomes the norm, then reduce again until you can tolerate just black coffee … drink it just black long enough you’ll never want to put any of that sweet and creamy shit in it again

Good luck


It’s the coffee itself for me. I’ve been drinking coffee since eight years old and I’m 40 now.


It’s the Caffeine, at least for me anyways. When I’m home and can sleep in (no alarm). I wake up have a cup or two of coffee with half and half plus some kind of sweetener, usually Truvia. But when I’m on the road working 7-12’s slamming down an energy drink that I can have within the first few minutes of waking is what I usually do. No preparation or cooling process, just chug and go, literally. Yeah, it gets things moving.

Any particular ones you like?

My grandparents and Mom regularly drank Bustelo, which is awesome! Seriously, a secondary highlight of my honeymoon in the Mediterranean was the espresso and Turkish coffee. :coffee:

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I’m just a coffee nut overall. Coffee Ice cream, coffee rubs for meats, all that.

I keep it to two to three servings a day though.

I really liked Seattle’s Best before it became a “thing”. After that it seemed like the flavor just wasn’t there. I like Blue Mountain but it’s been years since I have had any, (that is a luxury item for me these days.) I have tried some of the fair trade stuff, but didn’t think it worth the extra expense.

A statewide grocery here has one called purely smooth, it’s the best I have found for the money ( read cheap) its never bitter regardless of how strong you brew it.

The only one I don’t care for is Chicory. Just can’t make myself like it, but I will drink if that’s the only option… lol

I have heard a lot about Turkish coffee and would really love to try it.

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I think the coffee fad is similar in a lot of ways to the beer fad.


We can throw the bacon fad in there too.


I can relate.

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Two of my favourite fads. That, and the whisky fad.

Not really a fad for me. I’ve always liked some coffee in my sugar.


Eh… Trendy small minded simpletons that think others g.a.f. about their generic lives. Like the taco, whiskey and bourbon fad every window licker jumped on


Where I live coffee has yet to catch on. We just started putting pineapple on pizza.

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About 20 years ago, a colleague and I headed out for some coffee. We asked the new grad if he wanted to come. He said no and asked “why does anyone drink coffee anyway?”

I said it was hot chocolate for grown ups. He still said no lol

Half the posts I see on Facebook and other social media are something about someone having to get their coffee. Is it really the coffee or does everyone just want the caffeine attention?

Fixed that for you

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I love coffee. I like Peet’s the best of the “chains”, and it’s common in NorCal. I drink 2 cups a day, and have for quite some time. Coffee is truly awesome and one of the things I would continue to drink despite any current health claims.

Favorite plain-old coffee: Peet’s
Favorite "specialty iced coffee: Philz

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I know, this fad started centuries ago. It will probably end anytime now.

Less the actual consumption of coffee and more the production people make of it.

It’s never too late to stop. You can beat this.