This Answers Everything

Topic A:
I do agree that it was a solid article from Boyce and did discuss, as the title said, an overlooked aspect of training for most lifters. A strength base is crucial for everyone in the gym almost regardless of their goal, I think everyone agreed on that, but once it’s in place and muscle size is the priority, “more weight each session” is not the be all-end all path to gains.

It really is about using the right tool for the job. And when the job/goal is size, the right tool isn’t always bringing your bench from 225x4 to 315x3. Good ol’ time under tension seems to have been pushed to the back burner lately, but it’s always synonymous with bodybuilding/muscle-building for a reason.

Topic B:
Jarvan laid out his training plan and stats here a few months ago:

And has said in another thread that he often eats just once a day. His diet and training shouldn’t be interpreted as the ideal way for anyone other than Jarvan. Seems to be working for him since he’s happy with his results, and that counts for a lot, but it goes very much against “the rules” of training fundamentals. Lifting 30% 1RM for 1-8 “slow perfect reps” is not how the overwhelming-majority of coaches would want an athlete or recreational lifter to train.