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This American Life: Testosterone

I recently came across this installment of This American Life and thought other people on the forum would enjoy it.

I’m not the most savvy person when it comes to these things- if you go to thisamericanlife.org you can also search “testosterone” and find this installment (in case the link doesn’t work).

I highly recommend checking it out- it discusses an example of what happens when one loses the ability to produce testosterone as well as effects of a sudden increase of T.


This is truly great. Thanks for it. I actually heard it when it orginally aired and had been meaning to look for this podcast.

I reccomend it to everyone. I wish I could get ALL women to listen to it, then they could understand maybe!!

In fact, I am so passionate about this radio show that it should have five stars.

Thanks! When I heard it the first time I immediately wanted to discuss it with T-Nation readers.

[quote]kbphil wrote:
Thanks! When I heard it the first time I immediately wanted to discuss it with T-Nation readers. [/quote]

I immediately wanted to discuss it with EVERYONE! The part about the woman taking test is really good. She said something like “Suddenly my mind was filled with pornographic images…”

As a boy growing up we are told that this is bad, but it’s not! I just feel like we, as a society, are trying to repress boys and men and it’s bad.

Gotta bump this. It’s really good.

It’s interesting in the sense that behavioral characteristics seemed more predictable in females with higher testosterone whereas in the male sample group the gay guy had the highest, which I would not have predicted.

Nothing real earth shattering from a male perspective though when it comes to how increases in test make you feel; I believe women may find it more interesting than men. I think the podcast reinforces the obvious main difference between the sexes - probably varying levels of testosterone.

i noticed they played lots of booker T. and the mg’s.

I think the gay thing is pretty easy to explain. Testosterone doesn’t determine sexual orientation but it does determine how often and to what degree you desire sex. Gays are notorious hornballs and they probably get more sex than the average straight guy, that was the problem in the 80’s when AIDS hit the gay community so hard.

So without too much hesitation I would bet that homo’s have average to above average t-levels rather than the other way around.