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Thirty-Five Thousand Calories


I was flipping through this Canadian magazine called "Urban Fitness" just to see how retarded it would be when I found this gem in one of the articles:

"Thirty-five thousand calories equals one pound of fat..."

I swear this is what it said. And it was written by a Doctor.


I think he was off by a zero. Maybe he misread it somewhere.

From a search on Google for "calories equals one pound" I got this:


Most sources say 3500 or 4000.

Unless he's saying that you have to burn off 10 times as many calories to lose a pound of fat, or something like that.


Either he was off by a zero, or it was a misprint. 3500 is the number I have always heard. As in, "they say....." whoever the hell "they" are. LOL

\|/ 3Toes


If you want to be technically correct, when we conventionally talk about calories we really mean kilo-calories. So, 3500 "calories" is really 3500 kilo-calories or 3,500,000 calories. So, did they add a zero or leave off 2 zeros?




Hah, I was thinking the same thing but didn't respond because I thought it would be too nerdy. I applaud your courage.


oh, that was such a nerdy post. now go back to your world of warcraft and math equations and rock em sock em robots.


I wish thirty five thousand calories = a pound,lol.