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Thirsty While on Test Prop


I just started my first ever cycle with test prop 100mg eod jabbed my 3rd shot yesterday. Im starting to see an increase in size but not that increduble "on" feeling that so many users talk about. Since yesterday ive been really thirsty all the time. I know i will start to hold water weight but ive been drinking alot of water. 2 gallons and im still thirsty, do i really need all this water?

Is this a symptom of the liver overheating and should i be worried? 100mg is alot as im 60kg. Im going to start taking arimidex 0.25eod and forma stanzol daily tomorrow with my 4th shot. Thanks.


its probably nothing to worry about

btw that incredible "on" feeling is actually a very subtle feeling. personally I don't feel any different when taking test other than increased sex drive... unless I'm in the gym.


Wait you weight 60kg?


How old and tall are you?

You cant just toss out that you weigh 130 pounds without providing more info to justify that


Maybe female?


Im 35 yo 5'5"