Third World Squat for Tall Guys

Hi there!
I’m new to this forum and I subscribed because I wanted to ask you all a thing:
I’m working my way down with third world squat (you can find the article about it on T-Nation) but I’m facing a plateau for a long time now.
I hit parallel but, as I just said, for a long time I can’t squat down more. I stopped in this position and it seems I can’t go on.
I’ve read somewhere that tall people have a much harder time hitting full depth so I ask you any advises that can stop this plateau and that will guarantee me a new progression.
P.S.=I’m even doing static stretches for hamstrings and even in this case it seems it’s not working because I’m always at the same point. Any advises here too?

stretch your adductors and hip flexors. and start doing the goblet as part of your warm up. this can allow you to get comfortable with squatting between your legs and not on top of them.

i have very long legs and learned to do an asian squat with ease. i dont even need to warmup to hit it and sit at the bottom for several minutes without any discomfort.

I am 6’5, so pretty tall, and frankly the best way to get to the bottom, at least for me, is just pretending like you are sitting down. I normally, sit down as far as I can go and hold on to the squat rack for a minute or two for balance before I start lifting. Then do a couple of bw squats, a couple of bar squats then I put on the weight, light at first, obviously. Once its on don’t try and stop yourself at the bottom of your squat, just let your weight and the weight you have on the bar sit you down. It worked for me (tall and generally not flexible) and I only do atg squats now, hope it helps.

Thanks for the advises… I’ll keep you updated! :smiley: