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Third Week 2CC's of Test E

I recieved my shot on monday everything was fine but on tuesday-right now, my ass is hurting barely able to walk or sit or even sleep and its swollen and redish should i be worried or has anyone had this happen to them just hit a nerve or something...?


It's fairly common. Heating up the oil before you inject makes a huge difference. After you load the syringe, put the cap back on the needle and run hot water over the syringe for a few minutes, I never get sore since doing this. Are you shooting two cc's once per week or splitting it up?


What exactly do you mean by "2cc" of Test E? What's the concentration on that, because if you're using 500mg/ml (my personal favorite) it's a world of difference from the typical 250mg/ml or 200mg/ml.

Also keep in mind that needle gauge and dulling the needle by plunging into the vial multiple times factor into the pain issue.


once a week... I didnt realize how much oil it is going in.... I think I should split it up now on.... so the redness and swolloness(if its a word) is normal and will go down?


Its 250mg per ml so 2cc equals 500mg, and I use 21g, 1 1/2" but the first two weeks only 1cc was fine but now it hurts like hell 4 days later and is swolen is there any way to take care of that ?


Ok first go with a smaller needle...23, 25 even. Second does the site feel warm? If its red, warm and swollen you have an infection....need to see the DOC!


make sure you're rotating sites


you're shooting yourself with a harpoon man.


As was said. Keep rotating sites. 23 or 25Ga 1.5". New tip after drawing.
2ccs @250mg/ml should be fine in one spot. However that should be split up into 2 shots per week at a bare minimum.


OK, so I believe it got infected somehow should I stop using naps while taking antibiotics or would it not hurt to keep taking them ?


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Hi there,

I'm new to this particular board but have an unfortunate amount of experience with injection related infections (bummer, huh?).

The fact is, nobody can really tell you whether this is an infection or an inflammatory response. It could be either. To be safe, you really ought to get into the doc, who will likely start you on antibiotics. Continuing to take gear while taking antibiotics is not a big thing (I just did it).

Odds are, you'll be fine just waiting but you never know. Certainly, it is best not to take chances because if it is an infection, it won't get more fun over time.


yeah I just took my 1st antibiotic like 5 hours ago and it seems to be feeling alittle better already(could just be in the mind) but Im gonna keep taking them every 12 hours as directed from a nurse friend of mine it def. started to spread I marked the edges with a marker to see and it did alittle over night so that wasnt good