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Third Time's a Charm


EDIT: Things have changed since I last posted. New stuff is on page 2, may update this front page when I have some time

So I've tried to keep a log here a couple times, but haven't been able to stick with it (hence the title) This time I'm gonna keep at it as I really want to write my stuff down and track it as well as having other people take a look at it. Here's some basic info and also how I train.

Height: 6'3"
Weight: Bout 220 right now
BF%: Somewhere around 10%

Best lifts:
Squat (Oly style): 200kg- 440
Deadlift: 260kg- 575
Front Squat: 160kg- 350
I don't bench as I don't need it for my sport. Haven't maxed on anything else noteworthy lately.

Squat: 500lbs
Deadlift: 600lbs
Weight: 210
Vertical jump: 40" regularly (at about 38" right now, was at 40" at my best)
BF%: Would say 6-8%, but I don't really measure anyways. So we'll go with looking awesome haha
Nutrition: I've done all sorts of different diets over the past couple year, including V-Diet multiple times. It worked for what I wanted, but I don't plan on using it ever again. I'm also not in a rush to lose weight this time around too. I used to also have a bit of carb-phobia, but am starting to get over that. Right now I do kind of a bastardized John Meadows/carb cycle type of diet. I just started it a couple weeks ago, but feel it has made a difference (love eating carbs!) It looks something like this:
Monday: Higher carb/higher protein/lower fat
Tuesday: Slightly lower carbs then monday, slightly more fat
Weds: High Protein/ High fat/ low carb
Thursday: Same as Monday
Friday: Same as Tuesday
Saturday: Same as Wednesday.
Sunday: Refeed/junk day (not whole day, usually just a meal)

I'm still playing around with how I want to set up Sundays, but I like eating some junk as Monday is my heavy leg day and it helps me be stricter the other 6 days.

Here's what my lifting tends to look like right now:
Monday: Hard leg day
Tuesday: Upper
Weds: Mobility/ recovery work
Thurs: DE lower
Friday: Upper
Saturday: play sports/ runs or jumps/ off (Varies)
Sunday: Off/Prowler and recovery

Normally I play a fair amount of sports, but right now I have a bum wheel. Once I'm recovered I will be playing a fair amount of basketball/beach volleyball. These usually take place on the weekend and don't affect my workouts too much. You'll notice my upper body training is a little different as I do not have the goal to get bigger in the upper body (except maybe my back) so I do not do a ton of heavy pressing (no horizontal pressing right now at all) I'll post my workouts from the last couple weeks as that is when I changed my workout template a little bit

I did Dan John's 10,000 swings in December only completely changed it and ended up doing 500 swings 6 days a week for a total of 12,000 swings in the month on top of my normal workouts. It was fun to do but I definitely hated KB's by the end ha. I am probably going to add back in a volume day as well as a speed day (with bands) of swings. This week I just finished up the 3 weeks to a wimpy back, so was doing 4 days a week of back. I normally always do some type of chin/pull up 4+ days a week, with non-upper body days simply being bodyweight and not to failure. What I'm planning on doing for upper body is 3 weeks of high frequency for a certain body part (just did back, shoulders are next) then taking a week off before going to the next bodypart. We'll see how that goes. I will try to add in more things as I remember.


Monday 1/13

AM fasted walk

Anderson Squat:


Front Squat: 3x6x80kg

a) Bulgarian split squats: 3x6x30/35/40lbs
b) Inverted row:

Back Ext:

a) Standing Abs:
b) Chin ups:

Harold Abs:


Tues 1/14

a) Military Press:
5x135 then 12x65

b) Staggered cable row: 3x10x80/90/90
b2) NG chin: 4x8xBW

a) CG lat pull: 5x6x160/175/190/205/220
b) MB slam: 5x10x12lbs

a) Facepull: 6x6x100/120/135/150/150/165
b) Landmine: 3x20x50lbs
b2) Pallof Press: 3x10x100/110/110

a) Rope tri: 3x15x80lbs
b) BB Curl: 3x15x60/70/70

OH carry: 3 trips down and back w/ 45lb plate


TRX circuit


Thurs 1/16

Speed Squat (15" box): 10x2x80kg + 110lbs chain

Speed DL (all with 110lbs chain):

Hip Thrust: 5x5x110/120/130/140/150

a) GHR: 3x15
b) NG Chin: 3x6

Bentrow (Set every 30 seconds for 6 minutes)(80kg): 5/5/5/5/5/5/4/4/3/3/2/2

Ab circuit (Dragon flags, HLR and Plate sit ups): 3x


Friday 1/17

a) 1 arm press: 3x15x32.5/32.5/35
b) Meadows row: 10x45, 2x8x70lbs

a) Chin up: 5x5x10/25/35/40/45
b) Side MB slam: 5x10x10lbs

1 arm row: 3x10x90/95/95

a) Shoulder shocker: 3x12x45&15
b) Ab wheel: 3x10

Seated row: 3x12x115

a) DB side hold: 3x20secx75/80/85
b) DB cross curl: 3x20x30
c) DB OH tri: 3x10x60


Monday 1/20

Anderson Fr Sq:

Back squat:

Good morning: 3x10x135

a) Bulg split squat: 3x6x45
b) Inv row: 5x25, 5x35, 4x5x25

a) Standing abs: 3x15x145/145/160
b) NG chin: 3x6


Tuesday 1/21

a) Military press:
8x40, 6x35, 5x30 dropset
b) 1 arm staggered row: 3x10x90
b2) NG chin: 4x10

a) CG lat pull: 5x6x170/190/200/210/190
b) MB slam: 5x10x8lbs

a) Facepull: 6x6x110/120/130/140/150/160
b) Landmine: 3x16x25kg
b2) Pallof Press: 3x10x110

a) Rope tri: 3x15x80/70/70
b) BB curl: 3x15x30/35/35

OH carry: 3xminute on/minute off w/ 20kg

Weds OFF


Thurs 1/23

Speed squat (15"box): 10x2x80kg with average band

Speed DL: 6x1x120 with average band

Bent row (same style as last week): 5/5/5/5/5/5/5/4/4/3/3/2

Hip Thrust: 5x5x120/130/140/150.160

a) GHR: 3x15
b) Chin: 3x6

Ab circuit (Dragon flags, HLR and plate sit ups


Friday 1/24

a) 1 arm row: 3x15x30/30/35
b) Seated row: 3x12x140/140/160

a) Chin up: 5x5x10/25/35/45/50
b) Side MB slam: 5x10x14lbs

1 arm row: 3x10x100lbs

a) Shoulder shocker: 3x15
b) Ab wheel

a) DB cross curl: 3x20x30
b) DB OH tri: 3x60lbsx15/12/10

a) Prone row: 3x12x40kg
b) KB side hold: 3x20secx44kg


Quick mention of supplements I’m using right now: Carbolin 19, Rhodiola, Curcumin, Fish oils, Multi, Vitamin D, joint stuff.

Workout nutrition:
Scivation Xtend, 4 scoops
On leg days I have 1 serving of Surge Recovery during my workout and 1 serving of MAG-10 30 minutes after the workout
On upper days I have 1 serving of MAG-10 during workout and 1 serving 30 minutes after workout

Once I get more funds I would like to give Plazma and Micro-PA a try, maybe even Indigo-3G as well. Simply can’t afford them right now though


Saturday 1/25

Some shoulder work, mostly scaption and band stuff. I have some scapular winging that I’m trying to fix

Sunday 1/26

Prowler pushes with 2 45’s. 10 sec on, 50 off. Repeat 20 times. Gets a nice little burn but doesn’t affect my performance the next day.

Was also my junk food day. Gotta love pigging out on some pancakes, pizza and ice cream.


Monday 1/27

3x365 (got that burning acid that comes up your throat on the second rep and threw me off. Hate that feeling)

Front Squat/ Good morning combo: 3x10x135/135/145 (burns like crazy!)

Bulgarian Split Squat: 3x8x37.5/40/45

a) Harold Abs: 3x12
b) Chins: 3x6

Standing Abs: 3x15

Could have hit 405 today if I have gone up again, but decided to call it at 385. Was 230 when I got 440 so am not that far off. New goal is to get 440 while being 220 or under. My legs are fried, were definitely cramping up a bit when I went to bed, even with stretching after my workout.

I also realized I workout much better in the early afternoon as I am better at eating for those workouts whereas at the end of the day I haven’t figured out what works best for me yet. Usually get just 2 meals in before an early afternoon workouts and feels awesome.

I think the week before my heaviest workouts I need to do some heavy walkouts with the weight just so my body is primed for that weight the next week. I find doing these helps keep the weight feel lighter when I do my heavy squats if I’m not squatting heavy every week.


Tuesday 1/28

a) MP: 3x15x30kg
b) 1 arm cable staggered row: 3x10x90/90/100

a) NG chin: 6x4x25lbs
b) DB bench: 3x10x35
b2) Landmine: 3x16x15kg

a) MB Slam: 6x6x8lbs
b) CG lat pull: 3x8x160lbs
b2) Seated row: 3x12x110lbs

Did 500 KB swings, 12 sets of 35 then 1 of 45 and 40. Did Dip shrugs, Pallof Press and Scap Push ups between the first 12 and Rope tri and BB curl between last 2.

Went a little bit lighter on purpose today, including some higher rep stuff. Legs are definitely sore from yesterday, glutes especially are feeling it. When I started the swings could definitely feel it. Also did AM fasted walks the past 2 days


Thursday 1/30

Box Squat w/ SSB: 10x2x97kg Average band

Speed deficit DL: 8x1x130 Average band

Hip thrust: 5x5x130/140/150/160/170

GHR: 3x15xBW/BW/5kg
NG chin: 3x7

Ab circuit


Friday 1/31

a) Snatch grip DL off 18" box: 3x10x120/130/140
b) 1 arm press: 3x15x30/35/40

a) Chin: 5x5xBW/25/35/45/50lbs 1x3x55
b) Side MB slam: 8x10x8lbs

1 arm row (no rotation): 3x8x70/75/75

Circuit x3
Prone row 10x40kg
Rope x40
MB side throw 10x15lbs each side
Chin x5
OH Squat 6x30kg
DB Pullover 10x50lbs
KB side hold 20sec x44kg


Saturday 2/1

KB swings 5x10xaverage band

Hill sprints: 10x10sec on, 50 off

Sunday 2/2



Monday 2/3

Trained fasted today in the morning since I had eaten a ton of crap over the weekend. Turned today into a little bit of a MAG-10 pulse fast type of day. Felt a little off during workout but not much, as actually felt better as I went. I also started 3 weeks of extra shoulder stuff today

a) Back squat: 3x8x100/110/120kg
b) BTN seated press: 3x10x30kg

a) Front squat: 3x5x100kg
b) Cable lateral raise: 3x10x20lbs

a) Split squats: 3x6x45/45/50
b) Band Face pulls: 4x10xmonster mini
c) Front squat holds: 3x30sec x140/150/160kg

a) GM: 3x10x60kg
b) Chins: 3x7

a) Standing Abs: 3x15x160
b) Harold Abs: 3x12x180

I could feel everything working more then normal, especially on my GM’s and Abs. I don’t know if it was because I was fasted or just one of those days, but was a pretty cool feeling. May have to try training like this every once in a while in the future. Can’t wait to get back to normal eating tomorrow though and keep up the progress


Holy crap I’ve been doing a bad job at this. This is gonna be one massive update. I’ll just do as many days as I can in one then.


Push press: 5x3x 115/135/155/165/185
T bar row: 5x6x 70/80/90/100/115

Landmine: 3x18x25/25/35
NG chin: 5x25, 5x35, 4x45, 3x55, 3x70

Lateral raise: 4x35x30/25/25/25
Pallof Press: 4x10x110

Rear Pec deck: 3x35x 85/85/75

Rear delt destroyer: 60x40, 30x20, 15x10


SSB box squat: 5x2x80kg, 5x2x90 w/average band

Deficit DL: 8x1x130 w/average band

Hip thrust: 5x5x140/150/160/170/180kg
NG chins: 4x7

GHR: 3x15xBW/5/10kg
Rear delt fly: 3x35x8lbs


Sn grip DL: 3x10x120kg
1 arm press: 15x30lbs, 12x40, 8x50

Chin: 5x25, 5x35, 5x45, 4x55, 3x70
MB side slam: 5x10x 14lbs

Sh shocker: 3 sets
1 arm row: 3x8x70

KB side hold: 3x25secx 44kg



Anderson Sq: 8x1x110

DL: 5x150, 3x180, 3x200, 3x220, 1x240kg

Front Sq: 3x8x80kg
BTN seated press: 3x10x30/35/35kg

Back ext: 3x20
Cable lateral fly: 3x10x25

Bulg SSq: 3x10x25lbs
Band facepull: 4x12 w/ mini

Chin: 3x7
Stand abs and Harold abs


Push press: 5x115, 3x135, 3x145, 3x155, 3x165, 3x185lbs
Tbar row: 8x90, 8x115, 6x125, 6x135, 6x140, 4x150

NG chin: 5x25, 5x35, 5x45, 4x55
Landmine: 4x20x25lbs

Lateral raise: 4x35x30/32.5/27.5/27.5
Pallof Press: 4x10

Rear pec deck: 3x35x75/70/60

Rear destroyer: 60x30, 30x15, 10x10

OH walk: 3x1minx45lbs



Box squat: 4x2x80, 3x2x90, 3x2x100kg w/100lbs chain

Speed DL: 2x1x120, 2x1x130, 2x1x140, 2x1x150 w/chains

Hip thrust (on bench): 4x5x120/130/140/150
NG chin: 4x7

GHR: 3x15
Rear flys: 3x35x10lbs

Ab circuit then shoot hoops


Sn grip DL: 3x10x130
1 arm press: 3x15x35/40/45

Chin: 50lbsx 5/5/4/3/2/1

Sh shocker x3
MB side slam: 6x10x14lbs
1 arm row: 3x10x70/75/75

KB side hold: 3x25secx 44kg

Shoot hoops