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Third Time I’ve Started Feeling Itchy After a Workout

Seriously, this is such a waste of my time.

I lift, do some easy conditioning, go home, take a shower, dry myself, then I start feeling itchy.

This is the THIRD time this happened and now I’m stuck in lukewarm bath water trying to get rid of this crap.

Does this happen to any of you guys? It’s recently started and it’s f%@&king annoying. Like it itches so bad to the point where I can’t physically do ANYTHING.

I can’t make it stop.

Are you using a gym provided towel.
If so, maybe your skin doesnt like the fabric or the detergent or whatever.

Taking any preworkouts? Most of them have a boat load of niacin, which makes some people tingly/itchy feeling.

I don’t take any pre-workouts. Just whey and fruit or whatever is available to fill me up.

I have recently started using a new shirt (50% polyester 50% cotton, it isn’t a workout shirt either, just something I grabbed from my closet), but I don’t think that would be the thing that’s causing the itches. I don’t use a gym provided towel.

Did the itching start when you got the new workout shirt?

Is the itching everywhere, or on certain parts of the body.

My theories are newly shaved hair growing back, or fleas at the gym, or allergies

I’ve used the new “workout” shirt 4-5 times and I felt the itches 3 of those times. I’ve checked online and it could be that I started easy conditioning so my body is getting used to it? Doesn’t make sense since I get plenty sweaty during my lifts before I started conditioning. I’m also in a different shirt and I still feel the f&%$*king itches.
@burnur Basically my entire upper body except my face. I don’t shave, have allergies, and I doubt the gym has fleas. Maybe the sweaty shirt getting stuck to my body for a while can cause the itchiness? I don’t know.

Gym fleas huh? Hope they ain’t on that joose


Ah I see, Not sure exactly your conditioning but given it’s probably a repetitive motion you probably generate a lot more rubbing/friction of shirt on skin when doing conditioning than lifting even if it’s not as “sweaty”

Yeah in hindsight that seems way less stupid than my suggestions

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The rubbing/friction idea makes sense, since it’s my first time actually doing conditioning for 30 minutes straight. This sucks. I’ll be switching the shirt out to see if anything changes. Thanks.

Do you have a rash? Or anything?

Nope, I’m clean. The problems only started after a new shirt and starting conditioning. I really don’t want to get another shirt, but I may just have to dig in the ol’ closet again…

Hmmmm… I would definitely try another shirt. I know two people that have had terrible itching reactions to My Pillow! So you never what can trigger these things. Apple cider vinegar or oatmeal in your bath may help the itching.

Definitely trying another one tomorrow. I thought about putting oatmeal in my tub, but I don’t think my folks would have been pleased with me stealing the last bag of oatmeal only to scramble back into the bathroom doing who knows what.

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I used to get itchy when I’d start running for the first time after a long break. I just chalked it up to my body not being used to sweating that much and it always went away within a week or two

I used a different shirt today. Sadly, the itching was still there, fortunately for me it wasn’t nearly as bad as before. So I’m thinking a bad shirt + new to conditioning = a bad case of itches. You’re right on my body getting used to the conditioning (apparently it’s common online), so I’ll just have to wait it out.

Definitely get the itch.

I lift in my garage and its pretty much the surface of the sun in NC right now. It flares up on my stomach, elbows, and behind my knees something fierce. Someone on here recommended cotton to me instead of any nylon. It definitely helps.

Now I just get rashes on my calves???

I just stopped questioning it. It’s not killing me, so fuck it.