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Third Test E Cycle - Introducing Another Compund


Third Test E Cycle (Introduce one other compund)

Hey guys, Iâ??ve done 2 cycles in the past. They are pretty simple cycle of Testosterone Enanthate 500mg per week, Aromasin and HCG and for PCT Nolvadex. I experienced really good results with these 2 cycles, kept 8 pounds of solid muscle mass. Last cycle was 6 months ago. Body fat is currently at 9 percent. I started my third cycle this week, again very simple:
W1-10 Testosterone Enanthate. Every Wednesday PM and Sunday AM.
W1-10 Aromasin 25mg E2D.
W2-10 HCG 250IU. Every Wednesday PM and Sunday AM.
After 2 weeks of last injection
W13-14 Nolvadex 20mg 2XD
W15-16 Nolvadex 20mg daily

I plan on introducing a second compound of Masteron propionate on Week 6 to 10 (400 mg per week). Unfortunately I only have the propionate version of Masteron and donâ??t really want to pin every other day as recommended, my source say I can get away with pinning at the same time with Test E. I also plan on mixing the two compounds in the same syringe (less poking).
A. Is it going to be detrimental if I pin the prop at the same time I pin the test E?
B. I am hoping to get a bit more kick and come out a bit leaner with less water retention on this cycle. Is this a reasonable expectation with Masteron and my relative low BF?
Thank you.