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Third Shift

Does working 3rd shift screw your hormones up? What about all the nutrition articles and training regiments that assume everyone is working 1st shift. When they say eat x by noon time, is my noon time 6 hrs after I wake up? In other words does the body know that I work third shift and therefor adjust accordingly or does it think I am an idiot and can’t remember when to go to bed? Any ideas or info will be greatly appreciated.

When I have to work graves I just shift everything 12 hrs, so for me noon is that 6 to 7 hours after I get up. It hasn’t really negatively impacted me other than making the rotation in habits which takes a couple of days. I haven’t done Mag-10 or Myostat while working the shift, but that has only been a matter of cycle timing and not refusing to take it. I personally doubt that the body really differentiates between day and night (SAD aside)…but who knows. Maybe someone here does…